Superboy Live-Action Film Reportedly In The Works At DC


DC appears to have plans to bring a new son of Krypton to the big screen after plans for a Man of Steel 2 have been seemingly abandoned, however, this time it won’t be Superman front and center — instead, it will be Superboy.

According to a report by Giant Freakin Robot, Warner Bros are currently in the development stages for a live-action Superboy movie that would be the first time the character has appeared on the big screen. While the source did share with them the existence of the project, the report shared that no other details on the specifics of the film were provided.

There is plenty of source material for Warner Bros to pull from when crafting this film so it would be hard to speculate what its plot may be. In fact, Superboy was initial the name given to a young Clark Kent, however, in modern times the monicker has been used for Connor Kent, a young clone of Superman introduced in the comic 1993.

Even more recently, 2016 saw another Superboy added to the mix, this time the child of Clark Kent and Lois Lane named Jonathan Kent, however, if we had to have our best guess we’d pick Jonathan Kent as the most likely candidate for this upcoming film, but right now any of these characters are possible.

DC fans would have seen Superboy in live-action was during Smallville’s final season portrayed by Lucas Grabeel along with a few appearances in episodes of HBO Max’s Titans series portrayed by Joshua Orpin, however, it’s unlikely either of these actors will reprise the role.

With the Superboy film being in its production stage with no shared timeline for release, fans will need to wait and see what comes of this new project amongst DC’s roster and how it will tie into other productions currently in the works.