Supergirl Movie Reportedly Shelved As DC’s Back To Focusing On Superman

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

After Justice League sunk at the box office back in 2017, one of the casualties was the Man of Steel himself, with Warner Bros. hitting the pause button on their plans for Superman. Word followed that Henry Cavill was out, with WB instead developing a Supergirl movie. Things have gone quiet on that front for a while, though, and a new report might explain why. Apparently, the studio has sent Kara Zor-El back to Krypton and is returning their attention to Clark Kent.

Heroic Hollywood has shared some new intel in their latest YouTube video, claiming that an inside source has informed them that the Supergirl film is not going forward “for the time being.” The reasoning, they’ve been told, is that WB have changed their minds and now believe it doesn’t make sense to drop the Last Son of Krypton after JL. Instead, they’re putting the Girl of Steel over to the side and are going to work out where to go next with Supes.

This doesn’t mean that a new Superman movie is in active development, however, as that’s not confirmed in HH’s report. But they have decided that the most lucrative way forward is to keep going with the iconic hero rather than pushing his cousin into a starring role. HH also can’t clarify whether Henry Cavill will be back, or whether the studio will reboot the character as has long been thought. For what it’s worth, Cavill is adamant that he’s still the current incumbent of the role.

HH notes that this decision was made in the first quarter of 2020, which seems to hint that Birds of Prey’s weak performance influenced the shelving of Supergirl. After all, if one female-led DC movie flopped, it seems like a typical knee-jerk reaction for execs to cancel development on another.

In any case, Supergirl fans, you might want to stay loyal to The CW, but Superman lovers, get ready for more Kal-El in the DCEU… Eventually.