Rumor: Supergirl Movie Could Be Replacing Man Of Steel 2


Yesterday brought the news that Warner Bros. has added yet another DC movie onto their ever-growing slate of comic book films in various stages of development – namely, a solo pic for Superman’s cousin Supergirl, which would of course be separate from The CW series based on the character. This one looks to be more important than most of WB’s DC ideas floating around, too, as Revenge of the Fans is reporting that it could even act as a replacement for Man of Steel 2.

As we know, plans for the long-anticipated sequel for Henry Cavill’s hero have faltered of late and, according to RotF’s Mario-Francisco Robles, that’s led to WB looking to turn their attention towards Supergirl in Big Blue’s place. What’s more, the studio hopes the benefit of a female lead will help the project ride the coattails of Wonder Woman. As Robles says, the thinking seems to be: “Well, we can’t seem to get a sequel to Man of Steel going just yet, so we’ll do Girl of Steel instead.”

Now, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see Superman ever again in the DC Extended Universe – sorry, Worlds of DC – as WB hopes to get Cavill to sign a new deal so that he can show up in the Supergirl film. However, if something can’t be agreed upon, then yes, Kara Zor-El could become the new Kal-El.

“If Cavill signs a new deal, he’ll actually be in the Supergirl movie and it’ll be one of several appearances they have in mind for him,” says a source close to the project. “But if he doesn’t, then Supergirl is going to become the new Superman of the DCU.”

Robles then goes on to confirm that WB isn’t just using this Supergirl movie as a bargaining tool for their discussions with Cavill; they genuinely do want to make the film. In fact, his sources claim that the pic has risen to the top of the pile of projects they want to get into production.

“This one will happen. This film is important to the studio, so I’d expect it to happen sooner than you think.”

This is an interesting turn of events, to say the least, but seeing as everything seems to be constantly changing behind the scenes at DC, it might be best to take all this information with a pinch of salt until Supergirl actually goes before the cameras.