New Rambo V: Last Blood Photos Reveal The Hero’s Backstory


Sylvester Stallone remains active in promoting the upcoming Rambo V: Last Blood on social media, with the star’s latest Instagram post offering a breakdown of John Rambo’s backstory.

In 1982’s First Blood, Stallone’s character is introduced as a traumatized Vietnam war veteran who was discharged seven years prior. Decades later, it seems that olds demons continue to haunt Rambo, and in a new social media post, the actor shared an image from John’s younger days, as well as a summary of the character’s time in the army, and a reference to the war that still rages within:

“Rambo at 20 ‘ Wars starts on the OUTSIDE , but never end on the INSIDE .. ‘ said John. In ‘68 was an AIR FORCE chopper pilot in ‘70 transferred to SPECIAL FORCES to ‘75 then enlisted in DELTA FORCE from 77 to 78”

The Instagram post also comes with a still from the set of the fifth and purportedly final Rambo flick that shows John in a moment of contemplation.

The new pics are the latest of many that Stallone has shared in recent months. The star and cowriter of Rambo V has previously stated his intentions to post new images every few days that will allow fans to follow along with the story. As a result of the approach, much of the material we’ve seen so far looks to have been taken from the film’s early passages, when Rambo is still living a quiet life on an Arizona ranch with a new character named Maria, played by Adriana Barraza.

Naturally, things don’t stay peaceful for long, with reports indicating that Maria’s daughter is kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel for their sex trafficking ring, prompting Rambo to return to the fray. As it stands, a release date for Rambo V: Last Blood has yet to be announced, but you can expect to see John back on our screens some time in the fall of this year.