Sylvester Stallone Says He Has A Few Ideas For New Rocky Movie


Have we really seen the last of the Italian Stallion, cinema’s beloved underdog?

Sylvester Stallone’s bruised boxer became a pop culture icon throughout the 70s and 80s, rising to each and every challenge that was thrust before him – even when it arrived in the form of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) in Rocky IV.

Fast forward to the modern era, and Rocky took on more of a mentor role for the Creed franchise, a spinoff series in which Michael B. Jordan’s boxing prodigy Adonis takes center stage. Chances are Stallone won’t be joining Jordan and Co. for the third Creed movie, but he has “a couple of ideas” for a future Rocky film, as the Hollywood legend told his legions of fans over on Instagram this past weekend.

Asked straight-up whether we’ll ever see Rocky in another movie, Stallone replied:

Well, I believe in the film Creed, that’s possible, yes. But I never say no to Rocky, because I have a couple of ideas. [On whether his spinoffs will ever see the warm light of day] Not so sure; they don’t really involve the ring as much as they should. “I’m not so confident that will be exciting enough for the audience. But who knows?


It’s unlikely Stallone will ever return to the ring as the Italian Stallone. Besides, developing Balboa into a father figure/mentor via the Creed franchise was a real moment of magic, and arguably the best way to prolong the life and legacy of Rocky, a true cinematic icon.

Whether we’ll ever see those “ideas” come to fruition is another question entirely, particularly now that Stallone has committed to Demolition Man 2 over at Warner Bros. The long-brewing sequel was announced this past weekend, and already, Sly has promised fans that it’s “looking fantastic.”

Other projects in the works for the action star include Samaritan and a rumored appearance in The Expendables 4 – another big-name action franchise that arguably overstayed its welcome.