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Taika Waititi hasn’t thought about a ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ sequel

Let the man rest!

thor love and thunder

Even though Thor: Love and Thunder is still weeks away from coming to theaters, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are already wondering what comes next for Chris Hemsworth’s Odinson and his associates, which is par for the course when the franchise is in a constant state of unstoppable expansion.

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The God of Thunder and Phase One stalwart is already about to become the first of the MCU’s marquee superheroes to headline a fourth solo movie, but what comes after that? Well, if you’re returning director Taika Waititi speaking to Fandango, everything remains up in the air until the dust settles on his upcoming feature.

“I haven’t thought about it as part of a new trilogy. Because every time I make a film, I think I’m never doing that again. And because they’re just too hard. Any film, I’ve done it eight times now. Eight times I’ve said nothing, I’m just gonna pack it in. And sure enough, I get lured back in by the Yankee dollar.”

The MCU does tend to operate by the rule of three when it comes to standalone sagas, but given that Thor and sequel The Dark World were largely ignored in favor of bringing Waititi’s stylistic sensibilities to the forefront in Ragnarok, a lot of fans view them as two separate strands of the same mythology.

Marvel will almost certainly gauge his interest for a third Thor, but we’ll just have to wait and see if he decides to take them up on the offer.