Taskmaster Could Be The Villain Of Captain Marvel 2


Since Captain Marvel made over $1 billion at the box office and introduced us to the hottest new hero in the MCU, Captain Marvel 2 has become one of the most eagerly-anticipated movies coming in Phase Four. Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers has proved herself to be arguably the most powerful being in the franchise, too, so it should be interesting to see who faces off against her in the sequel.

While it will probably be a while before we learn who the main villain is in the pic, verified and trusted Reddit user TheMarvelScoopsMaster was asked who the antagonist could be and responded that their best guess is Taskmaster. “Only saw a character description,” the insider replied, “and sounded like Taskmaster to me.”

Previously, other sources – including We Got This Covered’s own – had linked Taskmaster as the central villain of the Black Widow movie. As a master marksman who can copy the fighting style of anyone he spars with, the foe would be a much more fitting enemy for Scarlett Johansson’s super-spy to face than a cosmic force like Captain Danvers.

It’s also worth noting that this same Redditor has previously claimed that Phase Four would be split into a ground-level arc and a cosmic one, with Captain Marvel 2 setting up the latter. Specifically, that Michael Korvac would be introduced in the sequel before proving to be a big bad for the rest of the Phase. Whether the studio would throw Taskmaster in there as well is unclear, but it’s certainly intriguing to think about.

In any case, Kevin Feige has already hinted that Captain Marvel 2 will be another prequel and help fill in the gap between CM and Avengers: EndgameIt’s possible that it could explore Carol’s romantic preferences, then, with the filmmakers not ruling out that she could be Marvel’s first gay heroine. Other rumors state the movie could fly into theaters in May 2022, though like all the information on the sequel at present, that’s far from confirmed.

Tell us, though, would you like to see Taskmaster as the main villain? Take to the comments section and share your thoughts.

Source: Reddit