Taskmaster Will Reportedly Return In More Comic-Accurate Form After Black Widow Backlash

Black Widow Taskmaster

Marvel Studios did a phenomenal job keeping the true identity of Taskmaster under wraps, even being lent an assist by O-T Fagbenle teasing that it was him on numerous occasions. Those avoiding spoilers and going in cold to Black Widow would have had no idea what was coming, unless they picked up on the huge red flag that was Olga Kurylenko’s name being listed fifth in the opening credits.

However, the ultimate reveal tended to split opinion down the middle, with fans incredibly divided on Antonia Dreykov being revealed as the big bad, and writer Eric Pearson even admitted he got some social media abuse over the call. It makes sense within the context of the narrative, paying off a line of dialogue from The Avengers in the process, but it’s a massive deviation from the character’s comic book origins.

We’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Captain America 4 with Anthony Mackie was in the works long before it was confirmed – that if and when Taskmaster returns to the MCU, something Kurylenko is on board with, she’ll be a much better representation of her comic book counterpart.

While it isn’t clear as to what this would entail, it makes sense. No longer a mind-controlled zombie under the control of her father, Taskmaster regained her autonomy at the end of Black Widow after the final battle. On the printed page, Tony Masters would go on to open and operate academies all over the country where he’d train the next generation of thugs, criminals and thieves, which could be one avenue to explore with the survivors of the Red Room now capable of acting independently.