Taskmaster Will Reportedly Return In More Comic-Accurate Form After Black Widow Backlash

Black Widow Taskmaster

Marvel Studios did a phenomenal job keeping the true identity of Taskmaster under wraps, even being lent an assist by O-T Fagbenle teasing that it was him on numerous occasions. Those avoiding spoilers and going in cold to Black Widow would have had no idea what was coming, unless they picked up on the huge red flag that was Olga Kurylenko’s name being listed fifth in the opening credits.

However, the ultimate reveal tended to split opinion down the middle, with fans incredibly divided on Antonia Dreykov being revealed as the big bad, and writer Eric Pearson even admitted he got some social media abuse over the call. It makes sense within the context of the narrative, paying off a line of dialogue from The Avengers in the process, but it’s a massive deviation from the character’s comic book origins.

We’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Captain America 4 with Anthony Mackie was in the works long before it was confirmed – that if and when Taskmaster returns to the MCU, something Kurylenko is on board with, she’ll be a much better representation of her comic book counterpart.

While it isn’t clear as to what this would entail, it makes sense. No longer a mind-controlled zombie under the control of her father, Taskmaster regained her autonomy at the end of Black Widow after the final battle. On the printed page, Tony Masters would go on to open and operate academies all over the country where he’d train the next generation of thugs, criminals and thieves, which could be one avenue to explore with the survivors of the Red Room now capable of acting independently.

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  1. Thatdude44says:

    Is that random woman actually gonna change her sex and identity to Tony masters? Are they going to retcon the whole thing so taskmaster is the actual character everyone wanted to see and not a random female for the sake of having another female at the expense of that literal whole entire character? If not then who cares? ..are they gonna make an actual entire different character more like taskmaster? That doesn’t even make sense

    1. MadmanMongosays:

      Incel mad, woman bad.

      1. Plutarch Heavensbeesays:

        Aww…..the poor little 5 year old only has the intellect to resort to name calling. Grow up peter pan. How long ago did you leave kindergarten?

      2. Deadpoolsays:

        Woke person mad. Accuracy to source bad.

      3. Fbase88says:

        White knight simp needs a pat on the back…,

    2. Galen82says:

      My hope is that they will do something similar to the Mandarin. We will find out that there is a real Taskmaster, Tony Masters, and that Dreykov patterned his daughter after him, reveling in having his very own “Taskmaster.”

      Probably never happen, but it would be a great way to give us the real thing.

      1. Son_Of_Dadsays:

        Not Woke enough.

      2. Beaz onesays:

        That is an excellent idea

      3. MadManMoesays:

        This is exactly the only way to save TM. This will completely solve the line “execute the taskmaster protocol” from the movie

      4. Mikeysays:

        It’s sad that this is another mandarin situation at all, they need to stop taking these stupid ass liberties with these great characters and just stick to the dam source material.. if you’re gonna deviate so much just create your own damn character.

    3. taskysays:

      bring back tony masters. like mandarin case.
      “Taskmaster protocol”
      Even when she returns, the fact that she is a russian girl who relies on chip and tech suit does not change.

    4. stfulmfaosays:

      Movies take Creative Liberty because they’re allowed to do that…
      Are you new to movies?

    5. Bgoodsays:

      Welp, they’re kind of doing the same thing with the Mandarin aren’t they? Seems like they just want to see what they can get away with, then once the backlash happens, they make the actual character from the comics.

  2. Of coursesays:

    Uh.. no thanks Disney. Quit ruining Marvel

    1. Son_Of_Dadsays:

      Running it into the ground. They just cannot stop pandering for five minutes to tell a good story. There’s no reason Taskmaster needed to be a woman, other than to show how “women are often controlled and manipulated”. We don’t need the lesson, we know. Disney, please stop.

    2. Raskass33says:

      Quit ruining Marvel? Uh who has ever done a better job with any super hero content (outside of Christopher Nolan) than what Disney is doing with Marvel now? Have you not seen Loki? Have you not seen how they have made getting critical acclaim on comic movies and having fans pleased a common thing? When it use to be comic book movies were a joke.

      1. Megatronsays:

        The MCU is literally the most popular media IP in the history of the world. And yet losers are still crying about how Disney is “ruining Marvel” because Taskmaster didn’t have a p3nis.

    3. Marvel Fansays:

      This is kind of the only movie they messed up on for Marvel tho.

  3. Plutarch Heavensbeesays:

    You all dont like white washing, well we dont like femwashing. If you all are going to complain that asians need to play asians, trans need to play trans, and women need to play women, try not to be hypocritical? Either open up the roles to everyone or close them off to their written character.

    1. Kallisays:

      This is the role opened up to everyone. The point is that there are a gazibajillion roles for men, and that leaves few for anyone else. If you would like to see an action movie with a male lead cast, you have many many choices. White men and white-looking men and acceptably not-white men in particular kinds of role, even! There are not those options for people who don’t meet your very low standards. There being more roles for people whom you don’t approve of is a good thing; what is not a good thing is maintaining an exclusionary status quo.

      1. Nicksays:

        But this is just uninspired, lazy and just plain pandering to the point of being ridiculous. Why do people who only have a casual interest in things have to shit on the people who have openly supported it for years sometimes to their own ridicule. No offense but you probably aren’t a comic book fan but how these characters are portrayed matters to us. Don’t just blindly disregard our affections for something we love to check off a box. The movie had an almost all female leading cast. You didn’t need to make Tony Masters a woman. YouTube the video of the stunt double used for the character. The previews openly deceived viewers with a Taskmaster who was obviously a MAN. The video confirms this. They knew if viewers picked up on that shit before the movie’s release they would have tanked even harder. Honestly, to me personally, I don’t have a problem with the gender swap so much as how they just FUCKED up the actual character. I even thought it would have been a cool kind of twist. The setup was already there in the name. She still could have been Ton(i) Masters…get it? My purpose was not to offend. Forgive me if I seem agitated but us geeks have poured our hearts into this stuff for years. Long before these movies even existed. Gender swaps happen in comics all the time. No big deal. Just, for the love of all things Stan Lee, please get the characters right!

      2. Nicksays:

        The movie had an almost all female leading cast. They could have left the character alone. You didn’t need to make him a woman. They had no problem using a man for the action scenes(yes, that was a guy doing the fighting and shown in the previews.)
        Check the YouTube video. It was a classic bait and switch. Using Olga in those fight scenes would have looked ridiculous. They purposely deceived viewers who could clearly see the Taskmaster in the previews was a man so that is what was expected. That is just plain wrong. There are dozens of suitable female antagonists for Black Widow in her Marvel continuity. The only reason they gender swapped Tony Masters was because the Taskmaster is an immensely popular character. It’s got nothing to do with people you don’t approve of getting roles. Please don’t take something that you have a casual interest in and ruin it for those of us who have supported it for years before these films existed, even when it wasn’t popular to do so. You are taking something away from the people whose shoulders and wallets have supported comics for years. We cared when NONE of you gave a damn. You only care now because it supports your agenda. And Disney is not doing this because they care about women. Disney doesn’t give a damn about you and whatever cause. It makes them look good and it sells stock. Please stop acting like Disney is so philanthropic.

      3. The Dad Bodsays:

        You’re delusional. There has always been tons strong female lead characters in things like this which are overwhelmingly sold to men in the first place. Also the movies are made in America, and for 20 years more than 13% of the parts on film have gone to black people. Which is the percentage of black people in America.

        No one’s trying to make a bunch of relationship Thrillers or romantic comedies about men from a man’s point of view and sell them to women which is a absolutely huge Market for those kinds of films. And no woman would want a movie that they are more likely to be interested in to stop so that the male character is good finger wag and condescended to all the women in the movie or television show about all of their bad habits and about how women in general suck.

        Men are far more tolerant in Media and it shows by the diversity in the things they buy.

        Rhetoric like this is just an excuse to take something that somebody already like and change it into something they don’t want to buy and then call them a big hit for not buying it.

    2. TaskmasterBigPeckersays:

      Exactly! Like where were all the white, Hispanic’s, and asians in Wakanda? Wouldn’t make sense right, so why the fuck is there so much representation in asgard, and madripoor.

      1. Raskass33says:

        There were a few prominent white cast in Black Panther. A villain and the CIA guy and hey Bucky been in Wakanda for years lol

    3. Pinktasticsays:

      You forgot the biggest washing of them all.

    4. Fbase88says:

      These people whole existence is being a sheltered Hypocrite,what do you expect,their ignorance has no limits..

  4. Gugusays:

    Get rid of Antonia. It’d make sense for the story.
    I imagine a bomb victim forced to wear a suit for years as a brainwashed killing machine would have enough trauma and PTSD to not want that kind of life anymore. I mean look at Bucky – he’s trying so damn hard to get out of it.

    If they want to rectify this failed adaptation – just straight up make it Tony Masters with the right personality, and character elements. Making Antonia change to become more like comic Taskmaster is just like forcing a square peg into a round hole. An ideal actor for the job would be someone who can go toe to toe Ryan Reynolds – that way we can get a good Taskmaster vs Deadpool situation lol.

    1. taskysays:

      i agreed

    2. Pinktasticsays:

      Whyyyyyy didn’t they just use Brown Recluse???? That would have made sooooo much more sense!!!! Gahhh the writing was soooo stupid. Honestly most MCU writing is atrocious. It’s like they’re just checking woke boxes and not trying to put out a good product…. Oh, wait….

  5. TaskmasterBigPeckersays:

    If he’s still gonna be a woman, then nothing is fixed And we see where all this is going, the fans don’t get what they want, and the M-SHE-U is gonna keep under preforming at the box office.

    1. Screw phase 4says:

      The best thing we can do is stop supporting these films and make them realize they need to go back to what works. Get woke…go broke.

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        “The best thing we can do is stop supporting these films ”

        So incels actually like Cancel culture?

        Thanks for admitting it.

      2. Fbase88says:

        Wesley Gibson the king of the incels,yet he pretends otherwise,..how utterly pathetic

      3. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        So I’m the king of the incels?

        Fine. I order all of my subjects to drown themselves in the nearest toilet. That includes you, Fbase88

  6. Pepsolmansays:

    What would the discussion have been if Black Widow was introduced in Ironman as a male character. The. In civil war, they introduce Black Panther as a white female. Characters are made the way they are for a reason. Stop ruining character for the sake of forced diversity. It ruins the cause.

    1. Prime1says:

      Yep it’s the double standard that is really ticking people off.

      It’s okay to dump on and vandalize characters that people grew up with and cherished for years.

      All in the name of social justice political correctness!

      But if we turn it around and say okay fine social justice then let’s be truly Fair.

      And make wakanda multi racial including White or say black widows can be men to.

      After all it’s just fiction so what’s the big deal right ?

      Then watch all the little progressives flip their rainbow colored wigs!

      So let’s be real!

      It’s not about progressivism or even about equality.
      It’s about, I now have the power and I’m going to take a crap on everything you care about because I can.

      1. Uh60Combatcarrsays:

        You hit the nail on the head. Out of all the comments this one says it best. Really MCU, Disney and Hollywood is all about social divisions and listening to groups of people who Don’t make up the larger segment of society. I honestly want good comic book movies without being told I’m evil for being a white man. Stop gender flipping the heros and villans, stop making them gay, just keep sex out period. Its a comic movie not race wars or politics. I want to escape Biden, and the pandemic not be flogged by more toxic hate when trying to escape reality for just a few hrs with my famy.

      2. QuitBitchingAndLeavesays:

        Horseshit & double standards my ass
        If they made black widow a dude y’all fucktards would still be bitching you can’t leer at a pair of tits
        Just say the quiet part out loud
        Y’all can’t handle female characters if they ain’t for jacking off too

      3. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        “It’s about, I now have the power and I’m going to take a crap on everything you care about because I can.”

        Representation in the main benefit. Watching you neckbeards malding is just a secondary benefit.

      4. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        “being told I’m evil for being a white man.”

        Who told you that you were evil for being white, you race baiting assclown?

  7. Whynotv2says:

    Huh. And I thought people were going to be mad because a Power Ranger was in the movie.

  8. DREAD DAMIANsays:


    1. QuitBitchingAndLeavesays:

      Cry Harder bby
      All ur bitching gives me strength

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:


        You shut Dread Damian’s incel ass down!

      2. Fbase88says:

        Your Fat Mother gives me strength,damn she’s good my son..

  9. Halloweensays:

    Ruined for some, not much for others. I quite enjoyed it. I don’t take the Avenfger or any superhero films for that matter, serious. They’re just mindless fun with some story added to them.

    1. Hvyarmssays:

      Why do people that don’t care about what you love always put their 2 cents in….. you just said you dont care as much as comicbook fans, who is gonna regard your opinion after admitting that. Taskmaster has an amazing personality and superpower. A ton of us wanted to see Taskmaster, imstead we got baited

  10. Bcashsays:

    Twist? You gotta love in a cave not to expect something like this at this point. It’s pretty par for the course.

    And I love strong female characters in my movies. Loved Wonder Woman, loved the OG princess who didn’t need rescuing (just an opening), and I’ve always been drawn to movies that feature woman kicking ass.

    My problem is that lately Hollywood seems to think the only way to create a strong female character is to diminish any men that may appear beside them. If they can’t diminish them they replace them. It’s actually quite sexist, because it assumes female Loki won’t be seen as awesome if male Loki doesn’t go from “god who nearly beat the avengers” to “fool who gets smacked around and made a fool of”. It assumes that black widow will be diminished by a powerful male villain (because you can’t diminish a villain without lowering the stakes). This is what Hollywood and the media still think of women, that they have to “make” them great instead of just letting them be great.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “It’s actually quite sexist”


      I love the fact that incels are now using the EXACT SAME arguments they used to mock feminists for making re: representation in media.

      “I’m tired of these sexist tropes where males are made to look weak and subservient to women! REEEE”

      1. Fbase88says:

        Only thing worse then a feminist is fudge packer Wesley Gibson,I wonder if random people punch him in the face for being such a jerkoff,can just imagine him looking in the mirror trying to believe the ignorant bullshit that snows from his mouth,.the world would be so much better without Wesley in it,…

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        What happened to “LOL, it’s just a movie, not a treatise on gender. Stop overanalyzing everything!”

  11. ehwhateversays:

    Taskmaster became a favorite of mine when he had those silly recruitment commercials in Marvel Heroes. Big disappointment over his representation in the movie.

    This comes off as pandering. Women want cool characters too but we do not want crap like this.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:


  12. QuitBitchingAndLeavesays:

    Y’all need to grow the fuck up,it’s just a movie,a 2 hr work of fiction just like comic TM,made up. not real,the characters can’t hurt you in real life,shocking I know.
    Dont like it, move on.
    It’s how normal folk get through life,try it sometime
    Y’all might actually make some friends

    1. QuitLurkingAndLeavesays:

      Shutup you fucking soy boy beta cuck

      1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        Investigate Janaury 6.

    2. Deadpoolsays:

      You’re a shitty troll. Seriously, I’m fine with trolling if the person doing it is good at it. You’re not though, it’s one note and pathetic.

  13. The Dad Bodsays:

    There is absolutely no way that woke Marvel backtracks on any kind of re gender, race swap, sexuality swap regardless.

    They could make Spider-Man black and trans and make $3 at the box office and call it a stunning and brave success and never bother to change it back. Ever.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      “They could make Spider-Man black…”

      They already made Spider-Man black. It was called Into The Spider-Verse. It was a smash hit at the box office.

      Get woke, records broke.

      1. Fbase88says:

        Get woke ,bullet to the face,justice served..

      2. Wesley Gibsonsays:

        The only ones catching bullets to the face are the incel cringelords like Ashley Babbit and the rest of the Jan 6 terrorists.

  14. The Dad Bodsays:

    They will never Backtrack on this. They could make Spider-Man black and trans and only collect $3 at the box office and they would call it stunning and brave and successful and never ever change it back.

    Woke Marvel will not stop race Swapping, gender-swapping, sex swapping characters.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      They already made Spider-Man black. It was called Into the Spider-Verse and it was a huge hit with a sequel in development.


  15. Ravensays:

    Movie has a lot of flows but I think the Taskmaster one is the biggest. So, let me change some stuff.
    1. Remove a scene where they upload info in his head.
    2. Change the child from girl to boy (killing a child is bad so Natasha’s gilt will be the same)
    3. We already see child coming to bbg-s office, going up stairs, leaving a bag there. Bomb is there. That part remains the same.
    4. Point of big revile at the and.
    Natasha regrets killing the boy. BBG smugly tells Taskmaster to remove helmet. He does and we only se the back of his head with Natasha’s face looking at him.
    5. Flashback to a boy in the car watching an action movie on a tablet while coming to see his Dad. In a scene someone saves someone from explosion.
    He lives the car with a bag, his ability makes him notice the difference in weight of his bag (because bomb is added.) We se that when he tries to set bag on his shoulders pulling it up.
    When he enters the office he immediately puts the bag down (instinct) so the bag is far away. BBG Is on phone walking away from boy and bomb close to a window.
    Boy was happy to see him but he stops him hand gesture which stops a disciplined boy. Click in the bag makes boy run thords his father second later boy saves the BBG. Aftermath of explosion BBG is trying to wake up his son who is pretty burned up, calling him “Tony…Tony…wake up…Tony!”
    And then we are back to present where we se Darth Vader type face (that would explain in MCU why he has to wear a mask)
    Tragedy is there and much better rivel.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      This page is for discussing movies. Not posting incel fanfiction.

  16. TSchneidzZzsays:

    I think the costume was pretty bad ass, it’s the whole Draykov’s daughter thing that messed up an otherwise great villain! And I get all the woke backlash; hell count me in, Marvel is pandering WAY too hard to the ‘groups’ it’s been under representing. Of they don’t course correct soom, there will be a whole army of pissed off white men ready to riot! And while we may not be the fashionable ‘cool’ “it” group right now, we still have lots of disposable income that come out to see these movies. In the words of the great Tyler Durden : “We pump your has, we wait your tables, we guard you while you sleep…Do NOT F**K with us!”

    1. Exasperatedsays:

      … The point of Fight Club is that Tyler Durden isn’t great.

  17. spideysays:

    Frankly, there was no reason for her to become a taskmaster. Even if she was a character other than the taskmaster, she had nothing to do with the story. As it is a task master protocol, there must be a different version or OG version. I want an American mercenary named Tony Masters to come out as a real taskmaster or 2.0 taskmaster.

  18. raksays:

    time line.

    civil war or black widow – 2016~2017

    infinity war – 2018

    5 years.

    Endgame – 2023

    There is no time to build the character of the taskmaster. Especially if that fake gets caught up in a finger snap.
    Just, she has to come out as a different character. Someone else should take over the taskmaster.

  19. raksays:

    It’s called the “Taskmaster Protocol”.
    If it’s a protocol, there must be a different version or the real og version.

    Release the “real” taskmaster(tony masters) like a Mandarin case.

    And replace Antonia with Red Widow or Recluse or a new character.

  20. Marcussays:

    Please, no more wokewashing of established characters and their franchises.

  21. Diverman2099says:

    One possibility is to have the Tony Masters version show up as a variant in one of the future movies or shows.

    1. Wesley Gibsonsays:

      Another possibility is for the manchild MGTOWs to cry alone in their bedrooms over a movie twist.

  22. Jake Psays:

    I get why actual fans of the comics are mad and I see why others don’t really care I’m a comic book fan but I’m not gonna go in on diatribe on how mad I am about a fictional character it’s not that big a deal I just won’t see the movie. But I HATE the hypocrisy of hey woman play woman black characters need to be black Asians characters need to be Asian a trans character needs to be an actual actor who is trans ecst. but when you preach all that okay but get mad when actual fans of fandoms and comics when they don’t like the decision of movie studios and directors when they race or gender swapped a character that flys against your rhetoric of how characters should be played by actors who actually portray the source material, not just when you care or want it. pick a god damn lane you either believe the source material shouldn’t be re-written or don’t bitch when a actor plays a character YOU think shouldn’t be messed with or is “Whitewashed”. I’m mostly Native and Meso-American along with other ethics backgrounds so I very biologically diverse but you will not see me bitching on how Captain America should of been played by a Native American cuz their the very first people to set foot on the North American continent 10,000-55,000 years ago. We get it their are people who have historically been given the shaft but I don’t need a ethics lesson from a comic movie

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