Taylor Kitsch’s John Carter Is Finally A Winner

Even though Walt Disney‘s John Carter will go down as the biggest flop to-date, it can finally be called a winner, in some sense of the word.

John Carter, starring Taylor Kitsch – who you can catch next in Oliver Stone‘s Savages – has managed to beat out both Act of Valor and Safe House to win the top spot in home video sales this week. After grossing roughly $72.9 million domestically and about double that overseas, the film is well on its way to closing the gap between cost and profit. At almost $20 for the average new release DVD and a bit more for the Blu-Ray or 3D version, Disney is looking to finally break even.

The studio has instituted a 28-day embargo withholding the title from certain rental outlets like Netflix and Redbox. Since so many people skipped out on the theatrical run of the film, if they weren’t gaga enough to purchase it already, renting seems like the  next best option and hopefully a popular one. The film really wasn’t half bad and definitely worthy of being the feature of a Redbox/Netflix night.

With all this post-theater success director Andrew Stanton might get a crack at a sequel yet!

Did you already see John Carter or are you waiting to rent? Let us know.