TV Spot, Images & Viral Campaign For Oliver Stone’s Savages

Today we have the first TV spot and a bunch of brand new images for one of the Summer’s most anticipated films, Oliver Stone‘s Savages.

As we’re treated to comic book movies, reboots, sequels and prequels over the next few months, Stone’s drug cartel thriller will be a welcome change of pace and personally, I can’t wait for it.

The biggest news here is the new viral marketing campaign for the film that is being called Find O, it can be seen above. The campaign allows the public to “join in” on the story which centres around Laguna Beach drug dealers Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) as they search for their shared girlfriend O (Blake Lively), who gets kidnapped by the Mexican cartel. The Facebook page for the film has been releasing new photos to the public as they join in on the search. If you want more information, head over to the film’s official page.

As for the TV spot and images, everything looks great and very much in line with what I’m expecting from the film, which is a high octane and fast paced film with lots of action, all topped off with Stone’s signature trademarks.

Savages stars Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, Emile Hirsch and Demian Bichir, and will be in cinemas on July 6th, 2012.

Check out the TV spot, images and viral campaign banner above and below.