Is Teen Titans The DCEU’s Secret Weapon?


Created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani, but popularized by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Teen Titans is arguably the second-biggest team in DC Comics after the Justice League. With such prestige comes expectation, though – namely, a film in the DCEU.

To date, nothing’s been announced, nor has there been any traction in the rumor mill about it. It’s rather strange, don’t you think? I mean, why wouldn’t this franchise be in phase one plans? Even Suicide Squad, a far less popular property, was included in the initial batch of films.

Perhaps there’s something more to it. Maybe Teen Titans could be the DCEU’s trump card: the one film that’ll do for it what Guardians of the Galaxy did for Marvel. Could that be the case? Let’s take a look and find out….

Titans TV Series

Back in September 2014, TNT put a live-action series tentatively titled Titans into production. Academy Award-winning screenwriter Akira Goldsman was roped in as a producer, along with Marc Haimes. The two of them penned a script for the pilot, but before anything could go any further, the project was canned. Gone. Finished. Just like that.

While fans were naturally disappointed by the news, DC’s Geoff Johns assured us that there were still plans for the Titans. However, he hasn’t elaborated much since then. The Nightwing film is coming, we know that much, so could it be that it’s the start of something bigger?