10 Actors Who Are (Almost) Identical To The Real-Life Figures They Played

10) Jamie Foxx As Ray Charles (Ray)

I’m already somewhat breaking the rules here, as Jamie Foxx did use prosthetics to help him play musical legend Ray Charles in Taylor Hackford’s Ray. However, said prosthetics amounted merely to devices that kept Foxx’s eyes shut, to give him a sense during the shoot of living Charles’ blindness. That aside, the look of Ray is all down to Foxx.

Staying true to his name, Hackford doesn’t bring a great deal of artfulness to his workmanlike biopic. Nonetheless, like The Program, Ray is elevated significantly by a spellbinding lead performance, given by an actor that uncannily recalls the figure they’re playing.

Foxx is a dead ringer for Charles in his younger days across the board, visibly a close match in manner and make-up, while the voice is pure, bang-on Ray.