10 Actors Who Are (Almost) Identical To The Real-Life Figures They Played

9) Adrien Brody As Salvador Dali (Midnight In Paris)

adrien brody midnight in paris

It’s amazing what a thin black mustache alone can do to transform an actor. For a particularly strong example, see Midnight In Paris, a high-concept fantasy comedy from Woody Allen which takes rakishly handsome Oscar winner Adrien Brody, adds a pencil moustache, and gives you a young Salvador Dali in all his crazed glory.

Woody Allen didn’t really need to find actors who closely resembled their historical counterparts for a film like Midnight In Paris – indeed, it’s like he wasn’t even trying when he cast Corey Stoll as Ernest Hemingway. Still, he struck gold by selecting Adrien Brody to take on Dali.

In portraying the eccentric artist, Brody plays up his less Dali-esque features (the eyes protrude as though madness has already set in) and lets genetics take care of the rest.