10 Killer Reasons Why Being A Horror Fan Is Awesome


Any good horror fan doesn’t need me to tell them why being a horror fan is so damn awesome, but I feel like I need to write this article more for the outsiders. It’s no doubt that horror fans get the worst reputation out of any genre fans, because we love movies themed around death, scares, monsters, ghosts, gore, and everything else you wouldn’t want your mother watching. We’re sick and twisted individuals, right? Wrong. Completely wrong. If you think horror fans are just a bunch of Satan worshiping nutjobs, then you have no idea why being one of us is so awesome.

Honestly, I can rant and rave a much longer introduction right now, but I think that from the title of this article and by reading the above paragraph alone, you’re ready for this list. I’m going to explain why being a horror fan is awesome, so what’s the point of spoiling it all now?

So, without further ado, here you go, ten reasons why you shouldn’t judge a horror fan without any basic understanding of what we love!