10 Killer Reasons Why Being A Horror Fan Is Awesome

1) We’re All One, Big, Dysfunctional Family


Loving horror isn’t just like saying “Oh yeah, I’m a horror movie fan!” No, horror fans are comparable to metal fans, who wear their fandom on their sleeves – or as a tattoo sleeve. When you meet another horror fan, it isn’t just a handshake or a nod, it’s the immediate questioning of their favorite genre film, with their answer dictating the next thirty minutes of your conversation. You can tell a lot about a horror fan based on their favorite movie, revealing if they’re a classics type of refined fan, or a death scene worshiping gorehound, or maybe a paranormal loving psychological horror type of person – any which way, you’re going to have a lot to talk about.

But when you meet another horror fan, it’s like running into a long lost friend of sorts, and there’s an instant connection. There’s no judging or awkwardness, and the common bond of film is strong enough to cultivate an instant social relationship right off the bat. Horror fans are passionate about what they love, aren’t afraid to show it, and come together like a lovable band of misfits whose Gods include the names Romero, Carpenter, Craven, and King.

People unfairly judge horror, stereotyping horror fans as these abominable freaks wearing all black and praying that Satan will consume the Earth in fire, but if you took one look at me, I highly doubt you could tell by my Abercrombie jeans, form-fitting polo, and short, business appropriate haircut that I’d even be writing this article. Unless I was wearing my Limited Edition Nightmare On Elm Street Nike Dunks – they’re a little bit of a giveaway.