10 Times Steven Spielberg Went Really F***ing Dark

schindlers list ralph fiennes

What do you imagine when you think of Steven Spielberg? Do you think benevolent bearded uncle of family entertainment, the man behind such popular fare as ET, Jurassic Park, the Indiana Jones movies and, oh yes, Hook? Or do you think dark lord of Hollywood cinema, responsible for some of the most traumatic moments in recent cinema history?

Despite his reputation as a family favorite, there’s a severely dark streak to Steven Spielberg. He’s been accused of infantilizing cinema by his critics, but Spielberg – especially in his later years – has also been given to offering up some extremely unsettling scenarios to his audiences.

To keep things fair (basically so Schindler’s List doesn’t take every spot), no film of Spielberg’s will get more than one entry on this list, a list so horrifying that innocent InGen workers getting mercilessly slaughtered by Velociraptors in The Lost World didn’t even make the cut.

Curious to see what did make our list, though? Read on for ten Steven Spielberg moments that are really f***ing dark.