The Ten Worst Behaviors Of Modern Moviegoers

Movies are great. They have the power take us to other times and places, telling stories we could never have dreamt of on our own. Sometimes, they relate tales that feel very familiar and true to life, and we are emboldened by the messages and insights they have to offer. Though some films are bad and some are good, cinema itself is a magical medium, one that can offer escape, catharsis, or knowledge, often all at the same time. I love movies so much I have devoted my life to the study of them, and I am sure many of you feel the same way.

You know the one thing I don’t like about movies, though? Having to watch them with other people.  

Yes. Depending on how lucky you are on any given night, the audience can make or break the film-going experience. When you get a good audience – one that loves and understands film and is willing to be simultaneously energetic and respectful – there’s nothing else like it. But you often have to go to a film festival these days to find anything close to that level of viewer competency.

For the most part, it seems like general audiences exist to annoy each other, either by texting in the front row or talking loudly during quiet scenes. The logical part of my mind tells me most people are probably perfectly respectful during most movies, but the emotional side forces me to remember the countless, insufferable loudmouths who sit down next to me and decide to narrate the actions of the film at the top of their lungs. And all I want to do is go bang my head against the wall and raise enough money to buy my own theatre, where I will be the only person allowed.

But for the time being, I shall have to vent my frustration through more healthy avenues. Thus, today we examine the very worst, most flagrantly disrespectful behaviors modern moviegoers exhibit; the sort of ridiculously rude actions that make you want to hole up in your house and never venture out in public again.

I am sure many of you share in my frustration, so join me on this voyage of misanthropy as we explore The Ten Worst Behaviors Of Modern Moviegoers.

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