The Terminator Reboot Will Be Getting A 3D Release


In the wake of an increasingly derided, though still rather profitable, series of sequels, next year’s Terminator reboot will be pulling a Halloween and disregarding every entry in the franchise save for the two that everyone likes. And with James Cameron back on producing duties, it’s obvious that the Tim Miller-helmed sci-fi has every intention of bringing us back to those glory days when the property had yielded nothing but classics and Sarah Connor hadn’t yet suffered an off-screen death.

Not only that, but it looks like we’ll get to see it all in glorious 3D. RealD France’s Twitter account spilled the beans and while it’s too early to say if The Terminator will be filmed in 3D or simply go through a post-conversion, we imagine an official announcement will be coming from Paramount soon. Presumably, they’ll opt for the latter option, but then again, with Cameron on board, who knows?

What we can tell you for now is that it’s clear that the aforementioned filmmaker is hoping to recapture the magic of the classic early entries – an approach that Schwarzenegger voiced his support for last year, telling Business Insider the following:

“I think Cameron and [director Tim] Miller came up with a concept where they can continue on with the T-800 but make a whole new movie. What they are doing now with this one is basically to just take a few very basic characters, like Linda Hamilton’s character and my character, and dismiss everything else. Just move away from all these rules of the timeline and other characters.”

Production on The Terminator has been going on for about a month now and already we’ve seen scores of set photos, showing off everyone from Linda Hamilton to Mackenzie Davis and even Gabriel Luna, who’s all set to bring to life the new Terminator. Not to mention we also got an official look at the leading ladies.

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the franchise, then, and though rebooting one of the most beloved science fiction films of the modern era is a huge undertaking, after Deadpool, we’re feeling pretty confident that Tim Miller has the directorial stones to pull this off. Besides, he’s got the notoriously perfection-seeking James Cameron breathing over his shoulder, and you wouldn’t want to let him down.

Plus, let’s face it, it’s about damn time we got a win from The Terminator franchise, right?

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