Thanks to recent legislation, MCU fans are deciding which movies they’d like to sue

Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU
Image via Marvel Studios

Marvel fans have many grievances when it comes to the MCU — Taika Waititi, the Eternals, the unfulfilled promises of inclusivity, and whatnot. But perhaps the biggest complaint has been the trailers that the studios roll out, which do everything in their power to mislead the viewers to keep its twists and major plot points hidden. And now that getting sued for false advertising is a thing, fans are actually discussing the Marvel films that would be facing the hissy end of a lawsuit. 

At the moment, Universal Pictures is stuck in a very sticky situation as two avid Ana de Armas fans have sued the production house for featuring the actress in the trailer of 2019’s Yesterday when all her scenes have been cut from the completed film. 

When it comes to not delivering on lofty promises, Marvel Studios is certainly up there on top of the list as per fans who have fallen for the clever deception in the trailers of MCU films. Powered by Marvel diehards, a Reddit thread is busy deciding the fates of the movies that should suffer Universal’s fate. 

Obviously, the one trailer that is still able to trigger tempers across the fandom is that of Avengers: Infinity War as it didn’t really deliver all the Hulk-ness it promised. 

While we do get a big Mark Ruffalo towards the end of the film, fans are still smarting from the betrayal that there will be more of the angry green guy. But some are allowing logic to helm the discussion instead of letting their inner Marvel zealot steer the wheel. 

Even Waititi’s Marvel gem, Thor: Ragnarok, dupped fans with a scene that never happens the way it is seen in the trailer of the film. 

Of course, this eventually led to the opening of the can of worms that is Iron Man 3. Forget fans still being miffed with how inaccurately the Mandarin was adapted, the trailer heavily hinting that Trevor Slattery was the real villain is still enough to kick off a heated debate. 

Some would like to drop the whole suing-MCU idea and go after another viable option. 

But the deceptions MCU employs in its trailers in nothing like Universal Pictures resorted to in Yesterday. As pointed out by a fan, the studio could be held liable if they were to say present Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the trailer of No Way Home and then not include them in the film. Evidently, MCU has no need to resort to such flimsy tricks as its loyal fans willingly flock to the theaters, even after watching the likes of Thor: Love and Thunder.