Marvel Fans Notice Interesting Connection Between Cap, Thanos And Spidey


Now that Avengers: Infinity War is out on digital platforms, with the DVD and Blu-Ray release due any day now, fans are free to scour the Marvel blockbuster for any little details they might’ve missed when viewing it on the big screen. For one, Reddit user @dziunix has noticed that Thanos defeats Spider-Man in combat during the movie via a method he really should’ve been prepared for.

During their skirmish on the planet Titan, Peter Parker attempts to web up the Infinity Gauntlet, but Thanos tugs at the webbing and ends up throwing the young hero off by pulling him towards him. If you’ll recall, it’s pretty much the same move Captain America previously used in Civil War. On that occasion, Parker tried to grab Cap’s shield with his webbing but Steve Rogers turned it against him.

See the two scenes below and watch how Peter keeps falling for the same mistakes for yourself (if the video doesn’t play, just click on the post title):

Thanos pulls the same move on Spidey as Cap did in CW. Pete just doesn’t learn it seems. from marvelstudios

This doesn’t exactly make Spidey look like the brightest bulb in the box, but to be fair, he is just a 16 year old kid who doesn’t have too much combat experience. The great thing about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is that he’s learning on the job and has really been thrown in at the deep-end in terms of his superhero career. It’s impressive that he even holds his own for the amount of time he does against the most dangerous being in the universe.

Of course, Peter’s incredible bravery counted for aught in the end when he became one of the many victims of Thanos’ finger snap. Spider-Man‘s death scene – as improvised by Holland but coached by Robert Downey Jr. – broke every Marvel fan’s heart. Thankfully, though, we’re pretty sure this won’t be permanent, as he’ll be back for next July’s standalone sequel Spider-Man: Far From HomeMaybe he’ll even be resurrected with some new battle moves, too?