Here’s Why Thanos Waited Until Avengers: Infinity War To Gather Each Stone


Though there are many topics to discuss when it comes to all that was witnessed in Avengers: Infinity War, such as the Red Skull’s overdue return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one thing people have been wondering about is why Thanos waited so long to gather the Infinity Stones.

Personally, this was never much of an issue for me because I knew that, from a narrative standpoint, Kevin Feige and company would have to hold off on such a thing. But, if you’re examining this from a logical perspective, I can understand why you’d require a reason for the Mad Titan biding his time.

Believe it or not, it’s not because he needed to catch up on his favorite TV show (The Bachelor, I’d imagine). As it turns out, Comic Book Movie had the opportunity to take in Infinity War‘s Blu-ray contents ahead of release and are therefore privy to what was said during bonus features and commentary tracks.

According to them, here’s the explanation for the delay in Thanos’ scavenger hunt:

“He didn’t know where the Soul Stone was. Without that, he would never be able to pull off his plan and it wasn’t until Nebula attempted to kill him and confirmed that Gamora knew the location that he decided to start collecting them.”

Well, that sounds reasonable enough to me. I mean, why bother doing something unless you’re going to do it right? And now that Thanos has trimmed the universe’s population by fifty percent, the line to get your driver’s license renewed will have grown considerably shorter.

If you’d like to learn more about the MCU’s big bad firsthand, then be sure to pick up Avengers: Infinity War when it arrives on Blu-ray on August 14th. Or, you could click here for a chance to win a copy.