The 14 Best Moments In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Batman’s Dream Sequence Fight

BVS Batman In Desert

The criticism that the dream sequences in this film are presented in an unclear, jarring way, has some merit – but the main dream sequence in itself is an astonishing moment. Because it is an imagined event, it is the only time we really get to see Batman fight in the light, and as such, it has a huge impact. Presented in washed out, over-lit tones, we not only spot the symbol of galactic tyrant Darkseid etched in the sand, but we get to clearly see the hulking size of The Dark Knight, as he interacts with what appears to be a group of militia.

As the situation turns on its head, and Batman comes under attack, the lengthy fight sequence transpires in what seems to be one, fluid shot – as he takes down a large number of combatants in brutal fashion, at close quarters. He is gradually over-powered, however, and we become aware of a wave of winged Parademons, swooping in to carry people off. We are reminded that, no matter how powerful Batman may seem, he, too can be outmatched.

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