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The Batman Aiming For Early 2019 Start, Ben Affleck May Produce

In another twist to the ongoing DC saga, it's now being alleged that Ben Affleck will actually produce The Batman for Warner Bros.

Evidence is mounting that The Batman, Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves’ buzzworthy DC project about the famed Caped Crusader, has been scheduled for a production start next spring.

Over on Pursue News (h/t Production Weekly), for instance, it’s been alleged that Reeves plans to get the cameras rolling by spring 2019, when Ben Affleck will take on the role of producer.

We know Matt Reeves still maintains an open dialogue with the actor, leading many to assume that his Batman spinoff will channel the spirit of Wonder Woman by using the much older Bruce Wayne to bookend Warner’s standalone adventure. But this latest morsel of DC information suggests Reeves is wanting Ben Affleck to produce, rather than headline, The Batman.

If true, it’s yet another twist in the ongoing saga, and may well be the final nail in the coffin for Batfleck. Because after two big-screen appearances (three if you count that cameo in Suicide Squad), it’s looking increasingly likely that Ben Affleck is prepared to take a backseat as the Dark Knight’s new era begins. Now comes the million-dollar question: who will Matt Reeves choose to play Batman?

Word is the director has cast the net in search of a younger Bruce Wayne, presumably so that he can anchor a bona fide franchise in the coming years. Remember, early on in development it was rumored that Reeves and his team had drawn up plans for a whole trilogy, one which will give him Nolan-era control over the World’s Greatest Detective. So it makes sense that he’d been on the lookout for a fresh-faced hero to pick up the cape and cowl as The Batman.

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