The best Christmas movies on Prime Video


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means holiday films are on deck, hot cocoa is freely flowing, and our homes look like Christmas exploded inside of them. From twinkling lights to blankets covered in reindeer and Santa’s sleigh — we can’t get enough of the holiday season.

This time of year makes it easy to unwind and relax with friends and loved ones — sharing moments of gratitude and togetherness. After two years of a global pandemic changing life for so many of us, there’s no time like the present to be with those we care about. One way we most enjoy sharing time with our friends and family during Christmas is by baking cookies, drinking cocoa, and watching movies.

The good thing about watching films together is that it can even happen over Facetime or Zoom for those who can’t be there with us in person. You can still share laughs, smiles, and memorable moments, and don’t forget about singing along to your favorite festive tunes!

So what are some holiday watch options for fans on Amazon Prime this holiday season? Let’s take a look.


You’ve got to rent Elf on Amazon Prime, or you can purchase the film — but it’s a must-watch this holiday season. Elf is absolutely hilarious, and the storyline of the film is really a sweet one. As Buddy the elf has grown up at the North Pole, he realizes that he’s a bit unlike the rest of the elves at the workshop. From towering over them in stature to not having the same skill-sets as his peers — he starts asking questions that end with him realizing he was adopted.

What happens next is an adventure to find out who his other family is and what kind of connection he can have with them. Watching Buddy try to come into life, as we all know it, is a grand adventure for viewers, and it’s the kind of movie you can bond with your friends and loved ones over.

Christmas on the Bayou

A particular group of fans was thrilled when the trailer for this movie first premiered. Two stars from One Tree Hill were reunited for this holiday film, and it’s an adorable romantic one. When a divorced woman whose job runs her life decides to spend the holidays back in her hometown. Christmas on the Bayou is a beautiful Christmas film with a heartwarming story.

With her mother, son, and a special friend by her side — Katherine realizes that the life and the love she left behind might be exactly what she’s been missing. If you’re in the mood for a loved-up festive movie, or you were a big fan of One Tree Hill, this is an excellent fit for you.

The Truth About Christmas

The Truth About Christmas is a bit Liar Liar mixed with the romance many fans want from their holiday films. When Jillian is invited to meet her boyfriend’s family during the holidays — she’s thrilled. It’s a big step in every relationship, so Jillian knows she has to make something happen when she realizes that she’s forgotten a gift for someone important. 

That something she makes happen leads to her telling a lie, and that lie becomes the last one she’s able to get away with. Jillian, who is accused of lying for a living by her brother, suddenly has to face living without falsifying anything that comes out of her mouth.

What will she learn over the holidays with her could-be in-laws? Will she realize that life telling the truth is a life better lived? You’ll have to watch this one to find out.

The Snowman

When a snowman comes to life on Christmas Eve, the world changes for the little boy who made him. This animated short absolutely makes the holiday season for us. We’ve watched it for years and, of course, purchased the book of the same name. The story is heartwarming and beautifully told.

Much like the book, the film tells the beautiful story without words at all. The pictures and score of the film work so well together that it lends a direction for viewers to go while allowing them to get there themselves. You can imagine what the snowman and the boy share on their adventure; you can hear the stories in your head, and you can feel the emotions jumping right out at you.

It’s a sweet tale and something you’ll be able to share with your friends and loved one’s year and year again.

A New Husband For Christmas

Kelly and Stan Stevenson are faced with a difficult decision during the holiday season, and with everything on the line, they must discover if they’re willing to put in the work or walk away. Marriage woes are never easy to work through, but mixed with the stress of the holidays, the Stevenson’s have their plates full.

Will the magic of the Christmas season remind them of the love they once knew, or will they drift apart for the last time? You’ll have to watch A New Husband For Christmas to find out, and you won’t want to miss it. For married couples or single festive movie fans, this is a must-see.

Here are more Amazon Prime Christmas watch options for your festive film needs this season. Note: some of these are options that require an additional cost for purchase or rent.

It’s A Wonderful Life

A Bad Mom’s Christmas

Dr Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The Polar Express

Die Hard (It’s totally a Christmas movie)

Almost Christmas

Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You

Jingle All The Way

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Carol

Jack Frost

Fred Claus


Last Holiday

Deck The Halls

A Flinstone Christmas Carol

The Best Man Holiday

Babes In Toyland

Yogi’s First Christmas

Christmas With The Kranks

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas

Do you plan to add any of these to your Christmas watch list? Are you looking forward to watching festive films with your loved ones this season? Let’s talk about it.