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The Eternals May Be Pointing To X-Men Joining The MCU

A fan has connected the dots to show how The Eternals may help introduce mutants into the MCU.


We’ve all been excited to maybe see the X-Men proper enter the MCU (outside of some nods in the Deadpool movies) but there hasn’t been an exact confirmation yet as to when or how this might happen. However, one big Marvel fan has connected some dots that may show The Eternals is teasing them becoming a major part of the series soon.

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Reddit user yondonkey came up with a plausible fan theory that could reveal Kevin Feige’s plans for the next phase of the MCU. In /r/MarvelStudio, it seems to be making a lot of noise as it isn’t too farfetched like many other theories. Give it a look below:


Some were quick to point out that technically mutants are born with their X-gene, however, if the theory is correct then that is still the case. Parents would’ve been affected by gamma radiation, and anyone who was pregnant or gave birth during the five years after the snap could have given birth to a mutant. With this theory in place, even Morgan Stark could be a mutant, though not accurate to the comics…

In the Eternals trailer, they discuss a big surge of gamma radiation and that could be what drew them out initially. What if they knew what it meant for humankind, mutating before they were ready?

So far we haven’t met any human characters that have been born with powers with the exception of Wanda — if she counts as human. Everyone else has been from another planet, dimension, or been experimented on to get their powers. What does it mean for the MCU if this is true and people will just start popping up with mutant abilities?

Hopefully, it means the X-Men will be forced to form sooner rather than later and begin their fight within the MCU. It’s finally time and this theory is a great way to execute it.

What do you think? Is this theory likely? Which mutants are you hoping to see in the MCU first?