The Flash Movie New Look Teases Barry At STAR Labs

The Flash

A new trailer for DC FanDome was released today, and while WB is obviously keeping back the good stuff for the big event itself, the promo did feature some fresh footage that’s got fans excited. For instance, we got a scrap of new stuff from The Batman, a glimpse at Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, and a new behind-the-scenes glance at The Flash movie. And it reveals Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen in a familiar location.

Towards the end of the trailer, a shot of Miller in costume as the Scarlet Speedster is shown, with the Fantastic Beasts actor grinning at the camera. Going by the microscopes and clean, white surfaces behind him, it looks like this is a sneak peek at a scene set at STAR Labs. Take a look at it via the screengrab below:

Most familiar to viewers through The CW’s The Flash, STAR Labs was introduced into the DCEU in Justice League. What’s more, Barry revealed to his dad Henry at the end of that movie that he had got himself a job at the facility, so that suggests the iconic DC location could be a major setting of the incoming film.

Other than this inference, this seems like a pretty spoiler-free shot. However, DC fans are already theorizing about the potential importance of Ezra Miller’s glasses. As Barry’s never been seen wearing specs in his previous DCEU appearances, some are wondering if this might not actually be the Barry we know at work here but his dark doppelganger. Remember, set photos have confirmed that there will be two Flashes in the film, with the second expected to be the movie’s main villain, likely a variation of Reverse-Flash.

But obviously, this is a behind-the-scenes shot so it’s possible that these are just Miller’s glasses and they might not even feature on-screen. We’ll have to see when The Flash — from director Andy Muschietti and co-starring Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle, and Ben Affleck — races into cinemas on November 4th, 2022. In the meantime, the second DC FanDome takes place on October 16th.