The Flash Movie Set Pic Reveals Wild Batman/Flash Costume Mashup

Michael Keaton Batman

Back when filming on The Flash movie kicked off a few months ago, director Andy Muschietti teased what fans could expect from the much-anticipated multiversal movie by sharing a trio of close-up costume shots on social media – these three set pics revealed the suit emblems of Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman. Now, Muschietti is back at it again – with a wild Batman/Flash costume mashup!

Over the weekend, the It director posted a fourth costume emblem photo. This one revealed a version of Keaton’s Batsuit spray-painted red like the Flash’s uniform with Barry’s Allen’s lightning bolt symbol pasted on top of the Batsymbol. The filmmaker shared it to Instagram without a caption, so we’ve got no context whatsoever for this image. But it definitely looks cool. Check it out below and visit the original post here.

So how do we suppose this surprising costume crossover factors into the film? Well, the concept of a Batman/Flash merger brings to mind comics supervillain The Red Death, an evil alternate Bruce Wayne who forcibly fused himself and Barry into one being. His emblem looks completely different from this, but it does also feature a lightning bolt down the middle of the Batsymbol.

Red Death is one of the most popular DC Comics villains of recent years, so fans would no doubt be excited if a take on him appeared in The Flash, especially if he was played by Keaton. But is there really room for the Dark Multiverse to be explored in this already incredibly busy flick? Remember, the main villain of the piece looks to be an evil alternate Barry – could he don this suit?

We’ve still yet to get one of these official costume glimpses of Ben Affleck’s Bats from Muschietti, but maybe it’s on its way. The Flash movie is due to hit cinemas on November 4th, 2022.