The funniest moments in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ ranked

Thor Love and Thunder
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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder. 

The latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Love and Thunder, is finally here. The follow-up to director Taika Waititi’s previous installment in the Thor franchise, Thor: Ragnarok, Love and Thunder brings back Natalie Portman as Jane Foster who becomes The Mighty Thor. Chris Hemsworth also returns as Thor, alongside Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Waititi as Korg. Making their debuts in the franchise are Russell Crowe as Zeus and Christian Bale as the film’s villain Gorr the God Butcher.

The MCU is no stranger to funny moments before with Thor: Ragnarok, in particular, being one of the comedic standouts in the franchise. But while other MCU films had elements of comedy, Thor: Love and Thunder feels like the first film in the MCU to sit firmly in the comedy genre. So while comedy is subjective, here are the ten funniest moments, scenes, or running gags in Thor: Love and Thunder.

10. Thor and Jane’s relationship

Thor and Jane Love and Thunder
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The tenth funniest moment of Thor: Love and Thunder was when Korg explained why Thor and Jane broke up. Using a clichéd montage you would find in any classic sappy romantic comedy, we got to see what Jane and Thor were like when they were dating. The scenes, while not dated, presumably took place after Thor: The Dark World

The flashbacks were a fun look at what we could have gotten in previous films, and highlighted how mismatched Jane and Thor were. While some of the montage was dedicated to why the pair broke up, there were a few shots that were quite funny, including Thor mastering the cup-and-ball game, Jane toying around with comically large golden boxing gloves, and the pair going to a costume party, with Thor in a hot dog costume. The soundtrack is one of the best things about the film, and it is no different here, with ABBA’s Our Last Summer playing during the montage, which adds to the hilarity of this scene. 

9. Asgardian theater troupe

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The Asgardian theater troupe from Thor: Ragnarok makes their return in Thor: Love and Thunder. Luke Hemsworth, Chris’s brother, plays the actor playing Thor, while Matt Damon plays the actor playing Loki and Sam Neill, plays the actor playing Odin. The newcomer to the troop was the actress playing Hela, revealed to be Melissa McCarthy. 

The scene was funny enough without McCarthy’s cameo, with the actors ripping away their street clothes costumes to reveal their hero outfits, and Odin dying showered by golden confetti. This time Matt Damon was given more to do, as when the Asgardians come together after Gorr kidnaps the children, the actors start plotting a play based on what Gorr just did. This postscript is as funny as the first scene, if only because the characters were taken off of their stage and were interacting with other people, but they also managed to provide a good laugh right after the children were abducted. 

8. Best friends, Star-Lord and Thor

thor love and thunder
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These moments occurred near the beginning of Thor: Love and Thunder because the Guardians of the Galaxy were restricted to the beginning of the film. Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Thor’s friendship – however one-sided it may have been – is the eighth funniest gag in the film. 

Of course, one of these moments was given away in the trailer, where Peter Quill tells Thor to look into the eyes of the people he loves and he leans into his eye line. But before they departed there were also a few scenes between the pair which had some funny moments, like when Thor gave his big hero speech and Star-Lord muttered along the words. 

7. Valkyrie’s hand grenade

Thor Love and Thunder Valkyrie and Jane
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Timed to take place right after a vulnerable moment with Jane Foster where she destroys a sink, this comedic moment takes the seventh spot on this list. Valkyrie arrives at Foster’s door and checks up on her, telling her that it’s probably a good idea if she tells Thor about her cancer. Just before they leave the scene, Valkyrie goes through the weapons and equipment she is carrying and she pulls out a small device. 

At first, Jane thinks that the object is a hand grenade, only for it to be a portable speaker which Valkyrie promptly activates. The song that plays is Mary J Blige’s Family Affair and the two bop to it a little bit. Hopefully, we get more interactions between Jane and Valkyrie down the line because they were a great duo in Thor: Love and Thunder.

6. Moody Stormbreaker

thor love and thunder
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This recurring joke starts when Thor returns to New Asgard only to find that Jane Foster is wielding Mjolnir. Knowing that his old flame is in the picture again – we’re talking about Mjolnir here – Stormbreaker gets jealous, and feels sidelined. This leads to a few different moments where the ax is moody, like in the New Asgard meeting where Thor is trying to see if he can call Mjolnir and Stormbreaker edges into frame. 

Stormbreaker being moody throughout the film may have gotten a better spot on this list, but takes spot six because some of the times the joke was used it did not land as well as it could have, like when the pair made up on the boat before reaching the Shadow Realm. 

5. The glass temple

Thor Splits Love and Thunder
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This moment occurred at the start of the film and earns the place of fifth funniest moment on this list. The opening battle of Thor: Love and Thunder was one of the best action sequences in the film, and it had its share of funny moments too, like when Thor did the splits on two small vehicles about to ram into him, reminiscent of something out of a Jean-Claude Van Damme film. 

Thor battles a race of aliens who look like Gremlins after they had taken over a temple from the locals. Thor’s job was to eradicate them and secure the temple, but he obviously had to bring the lightning and the thunder, and he accidentally caused the entire temple to crash to the ground. His bull in a china shop routine was one of the best laughs in the first thirty minutes of the film.

4. Korg tells a story feat. Enya

Image via Marvel Studios

The beginning of the film shows Korg telling the story of Thor to a bunch of youngsters. It’s here, through a montage that we get glimpses of what Thor’s life was like after he joined up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers: Endgame. The montage included a shot of Thor swinging chains on what looked like Surtur’s skeleton and Thor looking like the cover of an alien romance novel with a woman straddled in his arms. 

The story culminates with Thor burying Stormbreaker next to him as he meditates and of course, Enya’s Only Time is playing. The entire scene is one of the better montages in the MCU but the use of Enya here is what really makes it the fourth-best comedic moment on this list. The scene is made even better when Thor rips Stormbreaker out from the ground – with the roots still attached – and flies around on it like a broomstick. 

3. Zeus in Omnipotence City

zeus thor love and thunder
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This might have been the funniest scene in the entire movie and definitely deserves third place on this list. Our heroes journey to Omnipotence City to convince the Gods to help fight against Gorr. When they get to the meeting of the Gods, Zeus’s entrance was the beginning of the scene’s hilarity. Russell Crowe was putting on a very fake thick Greek accent and was dressed in essentially a mini skirt. Plus constantly referring to a God orgy during his speech made the scene funnier. His entrance with Thunderbolt dragged on a bit too much but was funny in the beginning. 

There was also the moment in the trailer where Zeus flicked away Thor’s disguise which left him nude, and that played well in the film. There are also the other Gods they introduce in that scene including Bao, the Dumpling God, the Kronan God, and a loud and boisterous Dionysus. But what might be the funniest bit in the scene is when Thor, Valkyrie, and Jane Foster are talking while Zeus is giving his speech and Korg tells on them. 

2. Dwayne the Kronan

Taika Waititi as Korg
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This is the funniest single “blink and you’ll miss it” moment in Thor: Love and Thunder. At the end of the film, Korg reveals that he has found a partner in another Kronan. The pair are shown in a similar position and place to the two Kronans shown earlier in the film when Korg is talking about how baby Kronans are made, so Korg’s going to be a father!

The hilarity comes from the name of Korg’s Kronan partner. His name is Dwayne, which by itself isn’t that funny. But when you remember that Kronans are made out of rocks, the pun on Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is much more obvious and quite funny.

1. The goats, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder

Thor Goat
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And easily the funniest recurring gag in the film – which might recur too much for some people – is the screaming goats, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. Gifted to Thor by the people whose glass temple he destroyed, the pair of goats act as a mode of transportation for much of the film as they get attached to a Viking boat. The laughs come from these goats as soon as they’re introduced as the Guardians frantically try to get the goats off the Milano.

When they get to the Shadow Realm, their boat smashes into the planet there and the goats elicit one of the funniest screams ever put on film. It sounded suspiciously similar to the start of I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown, and it honestly threw this writer into hysterics. That specific moment and many of the other hilarious times the goats chose to bleat, take the top spot on this list.

There’s a strong chance that if you’ve seen the film, your list might look slightly different from the abovementioned moments. Based on how many jokes are loaded in the film, it’s almost guaranteed that is the case. But you cannot tell me you did not at least crack a smile at any of these moments in Thor: Love and Thunder, especially at those goats. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is in theaters now.