The Internet Can’t Agree On The Most Polarizing Horror Films

There are beloved tropes and some that some fans feel are played out when it comes to horror. From the killer who can’t be killed to possessed items and abandoned houses to the victims who run upstairs rather than out the front door, these characters, settings, and items are so much a part of horror — it’s hard to imagine the genre without them.

Another part of horror that we can’t imagine the genre without are films that people either love or hate with little to no grey area. Movies that you either go to bat for or never want to see again. The discussions about these films can sometimes be heated and lead to neither side willing to budge on their opinion, but they’re part of the experience.

So, let’s talk about one of those heated horror movie discussions: what film did you love that everyone else hated?

The Reddit thread kicked off with a statement about the 2020 remake/sequel of The Grudge, saying it’s even better than the original American remake.

This horror fan wouldn’t be who they are today without the cinematic adventure that is Jason Takes Manhattan.

We were pretty big fans of Hellfest, too, for similar reasons. It’s one of those things that gets under your skin; could the masked figure at your local haunted place be something just waiting to go mad?

The Last Exorcism is a favorite of this horror fan, noting that many they speak to either hate it or just feel lukewarm to the movie’s idea.

More fans than not agree that Halloween Resurrection is a fun ride.

Some fans openly admit that their beloved films and series aren’t classified as good but love them nonetheless.

This user used a lot of recent criticism to include a horror film with a strong opinion from fans who both love and hate it — with a minimal grey area.

What horror films do you love that most would say they hated? Let’s talk about it.