The Internet Reacts To Venom’s Epic Third Trailer


If the film industry is overrun by superheroes and straight-laced crusaders, then Venom has arrived to mix things up with a demonic anti-hero the likes of which we’ve never seen before (on the big screen, at least).

At the crux of Sony and Ruben Fleischer’s franchise starter is Tom Hardy, who’s about to pull double duty as both Eddie Brock and his newfound alter-ego, Venom, the alien symbiote that latches onto our down-on-his-luck reporter just as he begins to investigate the nefarious Life Foundation.

And so, two become one. The line between human and symbiote has effectively blurred and in its place is a third, monstrous entity known only as Venom. It won’t be the only parasite to feature in Venom though, as this morning’s third (and potentially final?) trailer offered a sneak peek at Tom Hardy’s haunted hero (?) going up against Riot for a fight scene that’s already been compared to a Renaissance painting.

As a matter of fact, Venom‘s gruesome new trailer evoked quite the reaction online, and below you’ll find a small sampling of tweets ranging from measured skepticism to uncontrollable excitement. So while some viewers called out the film’s hokey dialogue, others draw attention to those incredibly detailed character animations that help add a little expression to Venom’s demonic face.

Venom makes a beeline for theaters on October 5th, and when it does, it’ll light the fuse on Sony’s Spider-Man franchise, so don’t be too surprised if (when?) we catch sight of a cameo from Tom Holland’s Peter Parker strolling around New York City.

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