The Lost Boys Star Urges Remake Cast To Grow Out Their Mullets

Image via Warner Media

Having spent years trying to reinvent the property for modern audiences, which saw two TV pilots failed to get picked up while original star Corey Feldman continued talking up the possibility of a Frog brothers spinoff show before appearing to hint that he was retiring from acting altogether, Warner Bros. simply gave up on the episodic avenue and decided to move forward on a modern-day remake The Lost Boys instead.

While there’s arguably no need to reinvent Joel Schumacher’s cult classic at all, there’s some decent talent attached to the project. I Am Not Okay with This creator and architect of the Power Rangers cinematic universe Jonathan Entwistle is set to direct, with the script hailing from Randy McKinnon.

A Quiet Place‘s Noah Jupe and It‘s Jaeden Martell will play the two lead roles, presumably filling in for Jason Patric and Corey Haim as the Emerson siblings. Reacting to the news, The Lost Boys veteran and Bill & Ted icon Alex Winter urged the newcomers to maintain business up front and a party in the back, as you can see below.


With a director, screenwriter and two leads already in place, The Lost Boys remake has gathered more momentum in a single announcement than the TV series managed in close to a decade. The casting search is underway to populate the rest of the ensemble, so now we’re all eagerly awaiting to see who gets the nod to replace the pony-tailed, muscular and gyrating saxophone player who appeared to have been dipped in a vat of baby oil before his brief cameo.