The Lost Boys Star Isn’t Ruling Out Frog Brothers Spinoff Show

Image via Warner Media

Corey Feldman has always been known for putting himself forward to reprise some of his most famous roles in new legacy projects, which is admittedly something he’s already done a few times before in the past. He was one of the few cast members from The Goonies to rule out a sequel ever happening, though, but he’s since changed his stance somewhat following the death of director Richard Donner.

He’s also been throwing out all sorts of ideas that would see him return as Tommy Jarvis, who he played in 1984’s Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and the following year’s sequel A New Beginning. On top of that, he’s never given up on the notion of returning alongside Jamison Newlander as Edgar and Alan Frog, the vampire hunting siblings from Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys.

A plan to reboot the property for the small screen has stalled several times in the last few years, but in a new interview Feldman was still enthusiastic over the prospect of a Frog brothers spinoff, but he doesn’t sound as though he’s hedging his bets, either.

“We’ll see, right? Everything’s up in the air, man. I recently talked about the fact that Jamison had an idea for a Frog Brothers show, and all of a sudden, networks start calling us going, ‘Hey, we hear there’s a Frog Brothers show’. So, you never know what can happen. All I’m saying is, as of right now, I’ve got no solid plans to do any of it.”

The Lost Boys

Feldman did appear in VOD sequels The Tribe and The Thirst three decades down the line, but there was no word on if he’d be involved in the planned Lost Boys show, which saw two pilots failed to get picked up despite plans for an ambitious seven-season anthology. Maybe if those plans disintegrate for a third time then the Frog brothers could make their triumphant return to resurrect the franchise, but at 50 years old and publicly considering his future in the acting business, maybe it’s better left alone as a pipe dream in the eyes of the fans.