The plot thickens as James Gunn quietly endorses Henry Cavill staying on as Superman

james gunn superman
Getty Images/DC Films

James Gunn knows all too well that DC fans have a million different questions they want him to answer sooner rather than later, and one of the most pertinent revolves around Henry Cavill’s Superman.

After all, it can’t have been a coincidence that the actor was announced to be departing The Witcher after the upcoming third season at right around the same time he made his long-awaited return as the Man of Steel in the post-credits scene of Black Adam, with Dwayne Johnson lobbying long and hard to make it happen.

However, the most recent reports have offered than any active plans for a solo sequel remain on ice after Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight’s pitch wasn’t well-received by the Warner Bros. Discovery bigwigs, while there’s been talk Cavill’s cameo in The Flash (which was filmed back in September) could end up on the cutting room floor.

Adding even more intrigue into the mix, it’s been noticed that Gunn liked the tweet you can see below, which makes a point of stating that keeping Cavill on as Kal-El would be in the best interests of DCU diehards everywhere.

Of course, the internet loves nothing more than reading into things that may or may not warrant a deeper examination, but The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker creator did make a point of noting the explosive Hollywood Reporter piece was partially true, somewhat half-true, and also peppered with falsehoods.

Does the eight-to-10 year plan being formulated by the co-CEO’s involve Cavill’s Kryptonian as a major player, then? Unfortunately, only time will tell.