Scrapped ‘Man of Steel 2’ pitch causes chaos and confusion in the ‘Daredevil’ fandom

charlie cox daredevil
Image via Marvel Television

Next year marks the 10th anniversary of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and yet we’re nowhere closer to seeing a sequel than we were a decade ago.

It looked for a hot minute as though Henry Cavill’s long-awaited comeback in Black Adam would serve as the catalyst for development to finally pick up some serious stream, but it’s beginning to sound as if we’re right back to square one following the DC bombs to have dropped over the last couple of days.

The Hollywood Reporter did offer an interesting tidbit regarding the project, though, revealing that Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight had written a treatment for Man of Steel 2, which ended up being rejected by the top brass at Warner Bros. Discovery.

However, the filmmaker should not be confused with former Daredevil showrunner and Pacific Rim: Uprising director Steven S. DeKnight, who has rather ironically spent quite a bit of time fielding Superman-related speculation of his own. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for the filmmaker’s Twitter feed to start being erroneously blown up.

It’s easy to see why tales of Steven Knight taking a crack at Man of Steel 2 have created mass confusion when Steven DeKnight has voiced his support for the fan-driven notion of him tackling the Big Blue Boy Scout on more than one occasion in the past. Maybe the studio should go to bat for the latter, just to see whether he can do a better job of coming up with a story than his almost-namesake.