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The storm swirling around Amber Heard and Jason Momoa ensures ‘Aquaman 2’ will send the DCEU out in a blaze of something, even if it’s not glory

One way or another, the franchise isn't going down without a fight.

Image via Warner Bros.

For a while, things looked to be settling down around Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and then a raft of unsealed court documents emerged and ignited the dormant furor all over again.

As well as Amber Heard‘s therapist and psychologist taking notes where it was relayed to her that Jason Momoa had come to set at least once dressed as the former’s ex-husband Johnny Depp, claims that both the leading man and director James Wan wanted her fired from the DCEU entirely are in direct opposition to claims made under oath by at least one party during the defamation trial.

amber heard mera aquaman
Image via Warner Bros.

Even away from the personal situations of those involved, the sequel to the highest-grossing DC Comics adaptation of all-time has been beset by constant bad buzz from behind the scenes claiming there’s been multiple rounds of reshoots and a huge amount of test screenings, and none of them have reportedly been able to whip The Lost Kingdom into serviceable shape.

That’s without even mentioning the petitions to have Heard removed racked up millions of signatures, or the fact that there are two camps ready to boycott Aquaman 2 based on either her involvement or lack thereof. Basically, the latest alleged bombshells have poured a full tank of gasoline onto what had finally been able to reduce itself to smoldering embers.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will release as planned in December and mark the conclusion of the DCEU before it drops the “E” and officially becomes James Gunn and Peter Safran’s baby. From the outside looking in, it’s a powder keg poised to bow out in a blaze of something, but it may not be glory.

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