The Suicide Squad Deleted Scenes Now Available With Home Release

Image via DC Films

The Suicide Squad was a massive success when it hit theatres and HBO Max back in August and now fans can own the film for themselves as early today the home release of the James Gunn film took place.

With these physical and digital releases, a bunch of bonus content was provided including commentary, gag reel, and alternative trailers. Among these were plenty of scenes deleted from the final cut of the film.

In total there were eight deleted scenes shared with the home release of the film with three of them being extended versions of scenes that made the cut into the theatrical release of the film.

The first of the scenes called Luna’s Birds gives some more insight into Luna and Mateo Suarez. The scene sees Luna question why Mateo has blood on his right hand to which he explains that he had three workers with relation to the Herrera family killed. As the scene ends we see the decapitated heads of these three workers outside of the birdcage.

Harley’s Palace Staff is the second scene and it showcases Harley Quinn as she arrives at the palace to meet Luna. Upon entry to shares what she’d like to do to each member of the staff making the odd pop-culture reference before entering the building to see Luna.

Waller’s Shirt is a scene that provides insight into how Rick Flag wound up on the dummy squad at the beginning of the movie. He explains that he believes the motivation for placing him on this team came from him poking fun at her shirt some time ago.

The next deleted scene is King Shark Wants to Play which is a brief scene-setting up the next deleted scene that showcases King Shark as he waits at the bus for the others but decides to have some fun with a pair of children nearby.

Following on from the last, “World’s Lamest Superhero” takes place as Ratcatcher and Polka-Dot Man return to the bus with the Thinker. They realize King Shark is gone and after tracking him down from children’s screams they see he is just playing cars with the two kids.

The three last deleted scenes are all extensions from other scenes that made it into the movie. These are the Squad on the Bus, Getting to Jotunheim, and Starro Kills Thinker.

You can pick up The Suicide Squad physically or digitally along with bonus features today.