The Suicide Squad Fans Have Spotted Weasel’s Penis

Weasel The Suicide Squad

Anyone with access to a computer will be fully aware that the internet is a strange and lawless place that generates plenty of bizarre debate, discussion and discourse. James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad has been one of the main talking points over the weekend, and things have taken a strange turn now that some intrepid fans have freeze-framed the DCEU blockbuster to confirm that Weasel’s penis is in fact visible in two separate shots.

The R-rated romp may have topped the box office with $26 million, but it was considered a fairly flaccid debut after initial projections pegged it to fly as high as $40 million. Gunn dropped a load of fast-paced action sequences, foul-mouthed barbs and no shortage of exploding heads, but even though it came boasting some of the best reviews in the franchise’s history, it couldn’t quite keep it up when it came to its commercial performance.

As for Weasel’s junk, it’s safe to assume Sean Gunn wasn’t hanging free when strapped into his motion capture leotard, but those things don’t leave much to the imagination as it is. When the feral murderer first steps out of an armored car at the beginning of the film, his privates get their first airing, before doubling down on furry fun parts when the first slow motion shot of the team walking towards camera happens shortly afterwards.

If you include the unfortunate freedom fighter who meets his demise later on, then The Suicide Squad contains at least three shots of full frontal nudity, which is quite possibly some kind of record for the comic book genre. It’s a bone of contention that the acclaimed actioner didn’t hit the targets expected, although it would still be nuts if Warner Bros. weren’t considering a sequel anyway.