New MCU Theory Says Spider-Man 3 Will Have Two Daredevils


The future role of Daredevil in the MCU is still open for debate, with Charlie Cox likely to return as Matt Murdock, albeit possibly without all of the continuity built up by the Marvel Netflix universe. According to recent reports, Cox has already filmed his scenes for Spider-Man 3, and is possibly signed on for multiple new projects as the hero. However, a theory over on ScreenRant is suggesting that we could be getting two Daredevils in the upcoming sequel, which was officially dubbed Spider-Man: No Way Home the other day.

A key part of this idea is that Cox’s Murdock is actually a multiverse-specific take on the character, similar to the other previously seen Marvel actors who are being lined up for cameos. The presence of Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 3 also supports the belief that the multiverse will be central to the plot of the next outing for Peter Parker. Although it did seem that the Netflix series took place in the same continuity of the MCU, defining their world as a separate dimension would make it easier to recast several prominent heroes and villains from their respective shows.

As a result, we may be introduced to a new Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home as well, possibly one without the many milestones that the Netflix hero has passed, including his battles with the Kingpin and relationship with Elektra. Here’s how ScreenRant explains it:

Rather than fixating on Cox’s character, Marvel may prefer to craft new Daredevil stories around a Matt Murdock who hasn’t already met Elektra, fought Kingpin, and experienced other iconic moments from the comics. Having Cox play both characters could be too confusing, so it may be better for a new actor to be cast for this role.

A perfect opportunity for Marvel to introduce its own Daredevil will come in the same movie that it may use the Netflix incarnation of the character. If his Daredevil is from the multiverse, Spider-Man 3’s second Matt Murdock can hail from the MCU’s main reality. If he gets involved in the fighting, Cox’s character could end up getting most of the screen time, but the other Daredevil could still be allowed a cameo appearance at the very least.

Given that we could be seeing a new limited series for Cox’s Daredevil, and appearances in other planned shows like She-Hulk and Moon Knight, then it would be unusual to direct too much attention away from the actor, especially since Kevin Feige and Disney appear to be fans. With Spider-Man 3 set for a December 17th, 2021 release date, though, we should hopefully know more soon about how the movie plans to juggle its cameos, and how exactly Daredevil fits into the story.