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There’s only one way the cast of 2015’s infamous ‘Fantastic Four’ would be permitted an MCU return

Could fans forgive one of the worst-ever Marvel movies?

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When it comes to naming and shaming the worst comic book adaptations ever made, no conversation is complete without 2015’s Fantastic Four.

Josh Trank was hailed as cinema’s newest wunderkind after steering Chronicle to critical and commercial acclaim while still in his 20s, but the filmmaker bit off much more than he could chew when he signed on to helm the reboot of Marvel’s First Family. Beset by production problems and behind the scenes issues that effectively torpedoed his career, everyone involved in the box office disaster hasn’t exactly had the nicest things to say about either their experiences, or the film itself.

However, a recent Reddit thread may have uncovered the one solitary method of reintroducing at least part of the ensemble that wouldn’t have fans rolling their eyes and asking why the hell one of the most egregious superhero flops in history is being referenced as part of the all-conquering Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While the general crux of the “would you give the cast of the last Fantastic Four movie another chance in the MCU?” is a resoundingly unanimous “no”, there is some support behind the notion of having Miles Teller pop up during a potential convening of the Council of Reeds.

In the comics, multiple variants of the Fantastic Four’s patriarch would meet to try and solve various problems within the multiverse, and we all know what the MCU’s latest stage of interconnected storytelling is called. Take one John Krasinski, add a dash of Ioan Gruffudd, sprinkle over some Miles Teller, and even season with 1994 veteran Alex Hyde-White, and you’d have a mind-blowing scene that would once again underline’s Kevin Feige’s mantra that anything can happen in the multiverse.

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