This Anime Movie Is More Popular Than Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

For a long time, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has reigned supreme on MyAnimeList’s top anime chart. However, something has finally knocked this legendary series off the number one spot, and this new top-dog is a must-watch for anime fans. 

Gintama: The Final is an anime movie that was released in January of this year. Gintama is based on a manga written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi. The series started in 2003, and it is set in an alternative-history version of the Edo period. However, the peace is quickly shattered when aliens attack from space. The samurai put up a noble fight to repel the invaders. However, the shōgun surrenders and allows the aliens to turn the country into a puppet state, banning the samurai in the process. 

Freelance warrior Gintoki Sakata travels the world, helping people whenever he can. Along the way, he teams up with a teenager called Shinpachi Shimura and a super-strong alien called Kagura, and the trio form a freelance group called Yorozuya. This trio continues to help people, encountering many friends and foes along the way. The series quickly became popular due to its expert fusion of comedy and drama, and the characters have quickly become icons of the medium.

The series was turned into a 367 episode anime series that began broadcasting in 2006. The series also spawned three animated films, and Gintama: The Final is the last film of this trilogy. This film covers the final arc of the original manga, telling the story of Gintoki’s fight to defeat the evil Utsuro before he can obliterate the Earth. However, this fight isn’t easy, and it will require Gintoki and all of his allies to fight harder than they have ever fought before. 

The film has received lots of praise from fans and critics, and it is considered a fitting end for the popular anime series. It is also considered one of the best manga adaptations because it uses anime’s strengths to enrich the plot seen on the page. 

It is only fitting that this epic conclusion would shoot to the top of the charts. Gintama: The Final is a great ending to a great series that combines top-quality animation with fantastic storytelling. It really is a must-watch film for both Gintama fans and fans of anime in general.