This Movie From The Czech Republic Is Beating Out American Films On Streaming

Sometimes it’s easy to miss out on international film releases but it’s much harder when they’re proven to be massively popular on streaming services like HBO Max. Claymation films, in particular, are becoming quite rare these days, despite movies like Chicken Run and The Pirates! proving they can perform well at the box office.

This film from the Czech Republic is keeping the stop motion film style alive and is managing to do so in a major way by becoming one of the top ten most popular films currently on HBO Max despite its limited availability in other countries. Pat a Mat: Kutilské trampoty shows that when a movie is popular enough, not even an avid American audience can beat it in streaming numbers.

Known as Pat & Mat: DIY Troubles in English, the film is based on the characters Pat & Mat who appeared in a theatrically released short all the way back in 1976 and have since gone on to spawn a television series with over 120 episodes. The movie features the slapstick antics of two clumsy handymen as they try to solve their problems with increasingly strange gadgets before everything goes wrong.

One of the best parts of the film is despite it being in another language, the minimal dialogue makes it watchable for all audiences. Those with a VPN can get a taste of this classic claymated comedy duo in Pat a Mat: Kutilské trampoty on HBO Max.