Eye spy: ‘Thor’ fans hoping this will be explained in ‘Love and Thunder’

Thor: Love and Thunder
Image via Marvel Studios

Eye spy — there’s something in Thor’s eye that fans are looking deeply into and wondering what the explanation (if any) will be.

In the latest teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, we see the titular hero going through the montage metamorphosis of changing and becoming not just his old self again but someone different and more refined.

Yet, as the previously chubby Thor works to restore his physical stature once more, there is one physical trait that also reverts back to its original state at first glance – his once-missing and replaced eye.

Recall that Thor lost his right eye while fighting his half-sister, Hela (Cate Blanchett), in Thor: Ragnarok as she cuts across his face with her sword while saying, “So simple, even a blind man could see it.”

The God of Thunder then goes on to don an eyepatch at first before his new Guardians of the Galaxy buddy Rocket Raccoon gives him a prosthetic eye during Avengers: Infinity War.

Well, that eye was brown, giving Thor mismatching eyes as his natural eye color is blue. So, he had a blue left eye and abrownish orangish right eye.

What gives? How did Thor wind up with a matching set of sparkling blue eyes again?

Fans definitely noticed his eyes in the latest teaser trailer and took the internet to debate what in the world of New Asgard is going on here.

Some believe that it’s a storyline to come — that Thor either gains a real eye back (he is a near-immortal god, after all).

Or perhaps he (or Rocket) just finds a better-suited, matching fake eye the same color as his natural eye.

Then again, what if it’s a continuity error and Taika Waititi and Marvel messed up, totally forgetting about the whole eye thing because they were lost in the budding Thor/Star-Lord bromance?

Even funnier still, what if leading man Chris Hemsworth simply didn’t want to wear the colored contact anymore?

Most likely, there will be something humorous built into the film (whether it was originally in there or added in post to explain away the whoopsie) to let us know what happened, rather than it being a continuity error because the scar across Thor’s face still remains. Plus, that would be a pretty glaring thing for all involved to overlook during shooting and editing.

Seems we’ll all just have to wait and see for ourselves when Thor: Love and Thunder is released in all its glory on July 8.