Thor: Love And Thunder Will Reportedly See Valkyrie Romance A New Female Character


Much has been made about the upcoming Thor: Love And Thunder, which will continue to follow everyone’s favorite Asgardian god. Recently, we noted that some leaks for the film revealed several possible spoilers, including who’s rumored to be playing the villain, some story points and even an appearance from Kid Loki.

Now, we have even more to pass along, and if rumors from 4chan are to be believed, Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to debut the character of Angela. If you’re unfamiliar with her, she actually got her start with Image Comics as a part of the Spawn series and was created by author Neil Gaiman and artist Todd McFarlane. But after a legal dispute, her rights went to Gaiman, who then sold to Marvel.

In the comics, she’s actually Thor’s long lost sister and rumors suggest that Jodie Comer is on tap to play Angela. What this leak also says though is that she’ll be the love interest for Valkyrie, the new Asgardian leader who’s searching for her queen.

Angela has been described as a woman of few words and a no-nonsense type of girl, making her a very nice match for Valkyrie, who’s much of the same. It remains unknown if the MCU will stick to the comics and keep her as a long lost sister of Thor, but it seems unlikely as that angle was already used in Ragnarok, where the God Of Thunder’s sister, Hela, was freed after their father’s death.

That being said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Angela introduced as maybe a cousin or some other relative of Thor’s. In any case, it’ll certainly be interesting to learn what Marvel does to bring the Asgardian bounty hunter into the fold in Thor: Love and Thunder, if the rumors hold true.