Watch: Natalie Portman Becomes Thor In Love And Thunder Fan Trailer


Chris Hemsworth’s Asgardian Avenger is due to return for his fourth solo movie outing in 2021’s Thor: Love and ThunderExcept, maybe “solo” isn’t the right word to use here as he won’t be the only worthy one in the film. As revealed to the astonishment of Marvel fans everywhere at July’s Comic-Con, Natalie Portman will be returning to the MCU in LaT as Jane Foster. And this time, she’ll be the one with Mjolnir in her hand.

We’re still a ways off from getting a trailer for Love and Thunder, but this fan-made effort hypes us up even more for one of the most exciting movies coming in Phase 4. Created for We Got This Covered by YouTube’s Billy Crammer, the video splices together footage from the first two Thor movies, with a little bit of Supergirl for good measure, to give us a feel for how it’ll be when Jane lifts the hammer and gains the powers of Thor.

Love and Thunder follows on from 2017’s super-smash Thor: Ragnarok and naturally, Marvel’s getting the team back together for the movie, as Taika Waititi’s writing and directing, with Tessa Thompson also due to return as Valkyrie. This time around, the warrior will be looking for her queen, now that she’s been crowned king of New Asgard. This means she’ll be one of the first LGBT heroes in the MCU.

That’s about all that’s been confirmed as of now, but WGTC has heard some other intel about Thor 4 from our sources. Apparently, Enchantress will serve as the main antagonist and while this may be the final outing for Hemsworth in his iconic role, there are still plans to do more with Portman’s Jane in future Marvel movies.

Thor: Love and Thunder shoots in Australia next year ahead of its arrival in theaters on November 5th, 2021. Be sure to check out the fan-made trailer above and stay tuned for further updates on the hugely-anticipated sequel.