Tobey Maguire Reportedly Almost Turned Down Spider-Man: No Way Home

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man

Is Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man: No Way Home? On the surface, that remains entirely up in the air. Neither the actor, Marvel Studios or Sony have offered even the merest hint of a confirmation, unless of course you count the latter outfit rushing to have purportedly leaked images removed from the internet as soon as possible.

However, the answer is almost certainly a yes, otherwise fans are going to kick up an online sh*tstorm the likes of which the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never seen. Andrew Garfield keeps saying he’s not in the movie but nobody believes him, so it’s ultimately created this weird situation where we haven’t been promised anything but we’re all expecting it to happen, and there could be riots in the streets if we don’t get all three Spideys side-by-side.

What we are hearing from our sources, though, – the same ones who told us Riri Williams would debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever long before it was confirmed – is that Maguire took an awful lot of convincing, and even considered rejecting the opportunity to return altogether at one stage.

What changed his mind? Money, most likely. The 46 year-old has taken such a significant step back from acting that he hasn’t appeared in a live-action film for over seven years. If you discount cameos, he’s only shown up in four features since 2007’s Spider-Man 3, so it must have taken quite the financial incentive for him to open himself up to a comeback in No Way Home.