Tobey Maguire Has Reportedly Finally Signed On For Spider-Man 3


It’s no secret that Kevin Feige lays out the broad strokes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe years in advance, and recently admitted that he’s got things planned out until at least 2026. By that logic, the company’s Chief Creative Officer would have known for a long time that for Spider-Man 3 to work, he’d need to engage the services of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Feige has never been drawn into the speculation surrounding just who audiences can expect to show up in December’s threequel, and if anything, he’s probably had a chuckle to himself at least once as close to two dozen names have found themselves getting roped into the rumor mill.

We’ve been waiting on confirmation for months now that the two previous live-action Spideys had officially boarded the cast, but it’s starting to look like the news will break as either a stinger at the end of the first trailer, or Marvel will do their best to keep it under wraps until the movie hits theaters.

However, despite shooting kicking off four months ago, insider Daniel Richtman has repeatedly insisted that Tobey Maguire was proving to be a tricky customer during negotiations, claiming that Sam Raimi’s Peter Parker was holding out for more and more money to reprise his career-defining role, before going on to describe his purported behavior as diva-like.

Richtman is now saying that the 45 year-old has officially signed on the dotted line, though, which would put one of Spider-Man 3‘s countless lines of inquiry to bed after months of speculation. Of course, fans would be very unhappy if neither Maguire or Garfield showed up, and with the studio keenly aware of that fact, they might have had to shell out a pretty penny to make it happen.