Tom Hanks And Steven Spielberg Reportedly Looking To Make New Movie Together

Tom Hanks

Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors to ever wield a megaphone, not to mention the only one to have ever seen his filmography earn over $10 billion at the box office, while Tom Hanks has reigned as one of the most talented and popular actors in Hollywood for over 30 years, so any collaborations between two such powerhouses come burdened with certain expectations, and for the most part, they’ve delivered.

Saving Private Ryan is a stone cold classic that won five Academy Awards, Catch Me If You Can delivers a breezily entertaining crime caper, while true-life dramas Bridge of Spies and The Post both picked up Oscar nods for Best Picture. The exception that proves the rule is 2004’s dramatic comedy The Terminal, which was a perfectly acceptable movie that did decent box office business, but isn’t regarded as being anywhere close to the top tier of either man’s output.

Saving Private Ryan

In addition to that, the duo co-created classic World War II miniseries Band of Brothers and executive produced spiritual successor The Pacific, so the benchmark for quality is high. What they’ll do next remains to be seen, but insider Daniel Richtman now offers that Spielberg and Tom Hanks are seeking a new film to work on together, though the tipster doesn’t offer any further details as to what it might be, where it’s set up or how far along these purported discussions have gotten.

Production recently kicked off on their third World War II series, with No Time to Die‘s Cary Fukanaga helming the entire run of AppleTV+’s Masters of the Air, so they’ve no doubt been in constant conversation over a number of matters. And while Richtman’s details are vague, having teamed up on eight projects in the last quarter of a century, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it were to happen at least once more.