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Tom Holland calls out Tom Cruise, says ‘Uncharted’ brought the movie industry back

Uncharted star Tom Holland claims his film brought the industry back because they were shooting four months before Tom Cruise.

After many years of speculation, a film adaptation of Uncharted is finally making its way to theaters this February, and it stars Tom Holland as the legendary Nathan Drake.

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The actor has found much prominence thanks to his role as the friendly neighborhood webhead in the MCU. The record-shattering Spider-Man: No Way Home has also brought Holland to the center of attention in the past couple of months, not to mention that the movie’s box office performance alone is enough to throw him all the way to the top of the Hollywood A-list.

And while Holland himself is generally a down-to-earth guy that doesn’t allow all of this success to get to him, he’s apparently feeling confident enough to challenge Tom Cruise on his words. The star of Uncharted recently found himself on the cover of this month’s issue of Total Film, where he got into the nitty-gritty of bringing Nathan Drake to life on the big screen.

At one point, Holland praised the adaptation’s ambition and claimed Uncharted was the film that actually brought the industry back from its drowse after the COVID-19 pandemic, not Cruise’s seventh Mission: Impossible outing.

“I really believe in the project. I believe in the work we’ve done. I’m very proud of how hard everyone worked. We also made this film at the height of COVID. I know Tom Cruise loves to say that he brought the film industry back, but he forgot about this little film called Uncharted that was shooting four months before he was. So, I’m just very proud of what we’ve done. And if we were lucky enough to do it again, it would be really exciting. We’ve only scratched the surface of what Drake and Sully can do.”

In Holland’s defense, Cruise does like to boast about the fact that he was one of the few producers who continued to work during the outbreak of the deadly disease. He even famously got into a screaming match with one of his employees because they apparently undermined healthcare protocols. That being said, I hardly think that the Mission: Impossible star would get upset if he ever heard these words from his young colleague.