Tom Holland says he had more fun on ‘No Way Home’ than the first two Spidey films

The hype is real for Spider-Man: No Way Home, as demonstrated by its trailers breaking Marvel records and ticket sales soaring higher than the ones for Avengers: Endgame. Fans cannot wait to check out what promises to be the biggest, most action-packed Spidey movie we’ve ever seen, and we’re obviously hoping that the film is more than able to deliver.

While the jury’s still out on that, star Tom Holland has revealed that No Way Home was his favorite film to make in the Spidey trilogy he’s led since 2017.

As part of Entertainment Weekly‘s coverage of the incoming threequel, the British actor admitted that he and filmmaker Jon Watts were less confident making 2017’s Homecoming and 2019’s Far From Home, as they were still working out what they were doing. This time around, however, the pair were much more experienced and relaxed, so they had a less stressful time during production.

“The first film, [director] Jon Watts and I were sort of flying by the seat of our pants,” Holland explained. “This one, I think we both felt really confident, so we were able to relax. We actually had so much more fun on this one than we did on the previous two.”

It’s encouraging to hear that Holland had a great time shooting No Way Home, as often⏤although not always⏤if the people making a movie had a good time during production, then the positive energy ends up reflected on screen. Superhero stinkers like Justice League and Green Lantern spring to mind as examples of times when troubled productions fed into the finished product. If NWH was a blast to film, then it should be equally thrilling to watch.

What’s more, the confidence Watts and Holland felt bodes well for this hugely ambitious outing. A movie with five villains (possibly Six) and three potential Spideys involved needs an assured director to pull it all together, and it sounds like that’s what Watts provided. With Holland having settled into his role as well, we could be in for his finest MCU performance so far.

Will Spider-Man: No Way Home live up to all the hype? We’ll find out real soon when it swings into theaters on Dec. 17.