Tom Holland says he’s already pitched a ‘Spider-Man 4’ idea to Sony

Even though Spider-Man: No Way Home is coming to theaters at long last one week from today, bringing an end to the deafening hype that’s been building around the movie for months, fans already want to know what comes next.

We know that Tom Holland will be sticking around as Spider-Man for at least a little while longer, with Peter Parker poised to head off to college, where new challenges of the personal and superheroic variety await. However, the possibilities have doubled now that Sony appears to have finally cracked the formula for a shared universe of its own.

Realistically, we could be seeing Spidey meet any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s old or new faces, team up with the Avengers again, or come into contact with Venom, Morbius, and/or Kraven the Hunter. In an interview with Fandom, Holland admitted that he’s been pitching ideas to the studio, although he isn’t guaranteeing they’ll happen.

“The truthful answer is I don’t know. There is one idea that I have, that I have pitched to the studio — but by telling you that idea I’d be ruining this movie so I’m going to have to keep that one for myself. You know, there is a future for Spider-Man, whether it’s- I’m a part of it, I don’t know. You know, it’s been an incredible journey so far, and if it’s time for me to hang up the cape and let the next person take over, I would do that proudly… knowing that I’ve achieved everything I wanted to.”

Once the dust settles on No Way Home, and then Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness comes along, we’ll have a much better idea of where the dominoes are falling in terms of which character from what franchise ends up going where. One thing we can guarantee is that Holland’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will continue to be at the epicenter of it all.